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Link to the basics http://wiki.en.grepolis.com/wiki/Heroes

*Don't look at there Travel Speed it has been updated and these are different also when you level up your speed increases as well, saying this think about the travel time when attaching to a city as the hero will effect you troop speed.

*This was done on the Wiki guide that has not been updated so some of the values have changed but overall you will get the idea.

*It is based on all hero's being there top level

*Hope this gives everybody a rough guide

Here is a run through of each hero and there skills/stats there will be some opinion's in here but they will change for all depending on what type of player you are.

Hero's Stats and Skills.


1. Atalanta

As you can see here Atlanta is one of the key hero's and she becomes also the strongest attacking hero with 600 distance.

Opinion-{Recommended to a CS city} With her 30% speed bonus and attachments (Improved troop movement 30%) and (Cartography 10%) you can speed up a CS by a massive 70%! Could still attach to a LS/Bir/Troop city but would always recommend CS city.



Hercules is the cheapest Hero of War (85coins), his stats are decent all round and he becomes the second highest attack Hero with 570 distance.

Opinion-{Recommended to a Myth city} As a rule of thumb i would use for flying myth citys (Harpy's/Pegasus/Manticore's) His skill is only useful for rebuilding myths and down the line you will be earning enough favour that his skill becomes pointless unless rebuilding myth nukes. Other note this hero should not be a priority as there are other hero's better to have then him.



Jason is a free Hero so on a scale of getting him you might as well you don't turn down free help. he becomes 3rd in the attack ranking with 480 Sharpe. You get him from doing well in Hephaestus's Forge

Opinion-{Recommended to a Horse city} When at his best he should be used for farming and horses are the best for that, He is not much use for anything else with his stats so he will only be useful to players who farm a lot. (There is no point saying weather he is worth it as he is free so might as well use him)



So many things about this hero so lets start with price, he costs the most out of all the war hero's (110 coins) He also has the weakest attack value of 120 sharp. He has the best all round defence (390 sharp 390 blunt 300 distance)

Opinion-{Recommended to a Defence unit city} He does cost the most but for good reason, He is a massive boost for a defence city raising troops defence by 15% with attachments (Phalanx 10%/Defense boost 5%) meaning you can send support with a value of 30% defence boost. If you have a 25wall (141,9%) and tower (10%) the city overall defence boost could be (181.9%) a Turtles heaven. PLEASE NOTE you can not send a hero to defend another player only your own city's



He is mid price range costing (95 coins) one of the weakest in attack, he is similar to Hercules.

Opinion-{Recommended to a Defence Myth city} He is one of the worst hero's in my mind, he is not cheap and his stats are average for a hero. If you was going to use him then it should be for a Defence city with myth units (Medusa/Cerberus) Or Flying myth city (Harpy's/Pegasus/Manticore's) but I personally would not get him as he is a worse version or Hercules. Down the line when your hers are levelled up and you have free coins then get him if you feel like you need him but I would level up ALL other hero's before looking at this one.



The only war hero to have blunt attack and when level 20 has a 15% bonus to all ships attack/defence. Price range lands in the middle (95 coins) has the second worse defence out of the war hero's

Opinion-{Recommended to a CS city} Even though a lot of people see this hero and think I know lets boost my LS city you must remember that Zuretha will fight any land units there (Most likely will die every time) when dead you have to wait 8 hours before she is back. Bir city would also be good for this hero but as you can not support others only your self and her defence value is weak the best place for this hero is in a CS city. You get a 15% attack boost and with (Battering Ram 10%/Improved attack 10%) you can gain a 35% in your ships attacking value.




this is an exclusive hero. You can get Andromeda by finishing 20 tutorial quests. Does not cost any wisdom coins a FREE hero.

Opinion-{Recommended to a Festival city} There are many places you can have this hero there is no wrong place, saying this a safe city with market full level and resource buildings top level is where I would put her. Bad in attack and defence you don't want her on your fighting front but with a massive Resource's boost 45% you can put in a safe city and distribute to outer city's or use for festivals



Costs the most out of all the wisdom hero's (110 coins) and has one of the best defences (330 distance 330 blunt 360 sharp) he will reduce the costs and recruitment time of hoplites by 60%

Opinion-{Recommended to a Hoplites city} The boost on this hero is AMAZING and the over all bonus is to good to miss. When in a hoplites city he will make them 60% cheaper and build them 60% faster this is a hero who stay at home don't need to send him out ever with attacks just keep him in your city and build away. Can be used in a Defence city but best served in a attacking hoplites city.



Mid price range for this hero (70 coins) Has good defence (360 blunt 360 sharp 330 distance) poor attack rating of (150 blunt) increases unit speed time by 30%

Opinion-{Recommended to a Attack land unit city} this is a great hero for a ALU city and a boost speed time for units of 30% will help when your fighting in key areas. Saying this you could also use in a defence unit city if you are in a hot zone and being attacked a lot. This is another hero who should stay at home and never join the troops in battle.


The cheapest hero out of them all (55 coins) When Helen is assigned to a town, buying units from the Phoenician trader is 22% cheaper in that town. At level 20, this increases to 60%.

Opinion-{Recommended to NO city} This has to be the worst hero out the lost of them awful attack/defence and the skill is shocking! 60% is a lot of but the effort you would have to put in to make this hero worth wile is silly. You would have to move the hero between city's and work out when the trader is coming, this hero just is not worth the effort or coins you have to put into them. DO NOT GET !! unless the world is nearly over and you just want to tell people you have owned them all.


This is a FREE hero and has one of the best (attack 390 blunt/defences 420blunt 300sharp 390distance) out of all the wisdom hero's. Reducing the cost and build time of swordsmen by 60%

Opinion-{Recommended to a Defence land unit city} This is every Turtles dream hero and you can understand why, the boost he will give to a DLU city is great. He can only be used in a DLU city anywhere else is a waste, Personally he wont be top of my list but I know a few players out there who would love to SIM with this hero holding there hand.


average price of (75 coins)

Opinion-{Recommended to a Festival city} As you can see I have not pointed a lot out in this hero and that's for one main reason.....HE IS THE BEST ONE any thing that doubles your culture points is amazing and him giving you a 90% chance of doing this is insane! the rest of his stats are awful poor in defence/attack so best put in a city in a safe place and force as many festival/parades as you can through the city. GOLD PLAYERS will love this hero and for me he is the first hero on my hit list every world I start.


Cheap hero only costing (65 coins) Gives a massive bonus of 120% silver boost.

Opinion-{Recommended to a Spy city} The amount of extra silver you will get from this hero makes her one of the best around. 120% is a massive boost and if you use her in a safe city you stock up your silver and push most your spys from there. Can also be used in a Hoplite city if you would prefer the boost in attacking rather then spying this will all depend on the player. Again Turtles will love this hero making a cave nearly impossible to get through.

Please remember this is a guide and not 100% there is other uses for the heros and moving some around is always a bonus. Thought i would post on here as been using in our forums.

+1 if ya be liking it.
Guide made by Harry Slother on the 09/07/2014


Must say since playing one hero has change my mind . UREPHON is a beast when attached to a flying nuke.

Better for conquest worlds but can also do alot of damage in a revolt world. But again not on the top of my list to get.