Honey Badgers v LOA


Yeah I think insults should be confined to game play and be thrown out without reference to gender, financial situations, or any other RL factors since this isnt RL, but a game.

Now to the point of this thread..... I think its hard to deny that Honey Badgers are pretty much just tearing through EoTD at will.



- I do not know why this post was edited for it contained no insult to you but I think the point I was making was I agree with you here. However, I have had pretty well a mean run of the following thrown at me by people without a peep from the mods and I'm human -

Bi-polar disorder (I don't have it but know of at least 3 people who play who have mental health issues and this game gives them a little relief).
Me as a person (I have had a series of insults lasting for months by people who do not know me).
My education.

I could list a number of pretty low comments before I opened my mouth in retort...but at the end of the day I genuinely never knew anyone worked at KFC. I was just giving it back to someone calling me bi-polar and lots of other charming comments.
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Insults on a personal level are against the forum rules and will be infracted and Deleted. I expect improvement on quality of posts in this thread or I will lock it.

paul grady

Post up dated
Honey Badgers 36 gains
EOTD 0 gains

And on a side note ive just taken my 50 city off EOTD :)


Did u try to be funny !? :rolleyes:
Considering LoA are no more, and this EotD cannot claim itself to be the EotD of old since it has went over to swallow a deal that anyone with half a brain cell can see is a scam.

I tell you the inside info. Ares are telling Huns that this is all a masterplan to sideline you guys, take out the OTC, then turn on you. That way they can do it without the worry of the north turning and creating problems. The same is true of Harbs. This is their plan for the Harbs in the long run. They will tell them all the same stuff.

Alternatively, they are lying to the Huns and indeed are being straightforward with you guys. Which can be shown by evidence also.

Now the interesting thing for me is, most buy it. I never have. Which is why I am the pin up for every wannabe imperial dictator and their rugrat underlings on delta.

bow down before Ares? bow down??? I'm a warrior...
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