How about upgrade able troops?


I dont mean like the heroes +10% boost to whatever city they are applied to, i mean like a seperate building called the uhm... "Stadium" Or something where you have to send like 500 Swordsmen into the stadium to get a 1-3% boost in the defense or offense? Or maybe a population of 100 troops killed in order to get an "Upgrade coin"? Different from the war and wisdom coins of course but maybe in a certain section of the academy you can spend a full max warehouse on the upgrade to get to be able to use the coins? It would be expensive, sure; But honestly a buff like that would need to be expensive... Maybe a max of 20% increase? Of course that could be all together in every different aspect you get 20 coins in general for one troop for the different buffs? (I.e speed, defense, offense?)


I dont think its a bad idea. However, I think things like battering ram, phalanx and cartography in the academy have all of this covered. Also the lighthouse for another increase in fleet speed.

I know what you are suggesting is not exactly the same as research mentioned above, but i think it would allow for bigger players to have even more advantage over smaller players as they have more troops to throw at something like this and it could become a bit OP.

Im pretty new to heroes so correct me if im wrong, but isnt this what some of them do anyway? you can upgrade certain heroes which, for example, increase the power of chariots more and more the more you level the hero up. You can also asign and unasign heroes from town to town and swap them over if you fancy a change. Just my opinion but I fail to see the need for the suggested feature when heroes and research is already in play.


Whilst i see the point in what you are saying, there are things about that maybe it should only be unlocked when the total points over the world reach a certain level? Or the age of the world has been unlocked? Thats also why i said it should take a fully maxed warehouse to be able to unlock the coin system.

The point for it isnt nessicarily to bully on the weak which is why i said in order to stabalize it certain things could also only be implemented when the point total reaches a certain level in the world (not just an ocean so as to prevent other newer oceans from getting bullied) there will be enough maxed players so they dont really bully on the weak and it would make late game colonization players more enticed kind of and give them more things to do rather than just getting new cities with battle points and leveling those up as well.

Also although the research in the academy is decent, its generalized for all troops and not specific ones, let alone a point total. (Like all troops get a 10% buff rather than just one troop, so say someone has all of thier points stacked in hoplites for a nuke they would be MUCH worse off defense wise because they dont have that boost.)

It goes along with the academy not having enough points to research everything, just some things which you have to be specific about. Its just a late game idea that i think once the game gets to a point where everybody has like 6 cities then it kind of loses its touch because its not as exciting or challenging because you are just making more cities with BP and your enemies have countless cities as well.

Even if this idea isnt implemented i put two more for late game players to hopefully spice up the game? The game is quite dependent on silver i have found so maybe some heroes can boost certain resource production as well? I know andromeda gives a 33% boost to all resources however a boost to a specific resource such as silver would be nice as well.

As i said i just want the game to be spiced up a little after it reaches a certain point you know? Upgradeable armies would be great and although the new god Aphrodite gives an additional 225 pop at max maybe something would be better with more armies? People say that increasing the max pop would benefit attackers although i dont think they realize that the defensive side also get more population? Right now i know in my world I'm not exactly well off however at this point its just a matter of an amount of cities really it dosent matter point total because well more cities means much more population means you can earn more BP and get more cities, points... Do nothing other than look good really... I mean i know a max city is great for resources and storage and distribution with a max market and for favor and whatnot although i also wish the points did something more as well to promote maxing a city rather than just keeping it at 5-10k points a city (wow i talk alot)