How do I compete w/players w/200k points

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    So I just got onto the stats page were I was kind of agitated to find that there are players with 100k's worth of points and 20 cities. Argh I'm gonna get stomped.:eek:
    So for the first week I was playing , I expected that we all were on a semi- even playing field. The fact that we are not would not be as big of deal to me except that at a point the world will end (as I've read when the world wonder is completed).So for all I know someone has all ready started the wonder and my days are numbered. It would be a drag to get all worked up and involved in a game and it just stops,how does that work...
    So all I can hope is that these whales that are fully established and rocking on this world are way far away from me - or I will just be farm fodder for them.
    Someone please say something encouraging.
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    hermanbaum, bulding the world wonders will take several years, if anyone ever manages to do it. Don't worry about that. It's just a silly feature that Inno introduced to have an excuse to kill off old and inactive universes.

    Since you play in a world with morale rules, no one four times bigger than you will want to attack you, since they units will be terrible inefficient. So, actually, as a new player, it can be a bit easier to get a quiet start where there are a lot of big players who won't pay attention to you. That said, wherever you start, you will start with other players who are also new, so it will be an even playing field. There's just more competition if you start right when the world starts.

    You'll quickly get going if you keep at it. I suggest you get your second city as soon as possible, since you will start to have a much more established and fast-growing empire with two cities. Some people make the mistake of starting to get cities way too late. In fact you should hope that someone attacks you, because with the battle points it might give you, you can grow much faster later. I recommend you read my city building guide for building your city.

    If you're short on resources at any point, I won't mind sending. You probably won't need that, though.
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    May 14, 2010
    First off welcome to phi :)
    Even though there are people with 100k points and 20 cities, Grepolis will put you in an ocean where players are around roughly the same points whether they are new players or people who have been conquered and have been forced to restart.
    World wonders will not be introduced until certain requirements have been met,click me.
    I'd recommend the wiki for advice on how to cope against bigger players, and you can get to the wiki via the link above or by pressing help on the in-game page.
    Hope this helps,
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    I'll respond from the bottom up-Won't need resources! Send it brother,couple mil in silver will help:cool:( hmm I just got a flashback of all the gold spammers @ WOW,glad not to have seen any of that here)
    Anyway glad to here that the world doesn't abruptly end at some point,I would guess there is a way to see progress of world wonders and contermeasurs could be enacted to thwart their progress as well.
    I could see how the moral thing could hold folks back from attacking, however , battle points are valuable and I thought that enticement might overide the negative effects. At this point, I cant even see these big players on my map, and maybe I overreacted.
    Nonetheless you have been encouraging, thank you, and I have gotten some valuable information. I will visit your city-building site as getting a second city is now my main goal

    Yes you are correct I have been placed with all newbies,80% of which are innactive, so it's an excellent environment to start out in. You say players who have been conquered and have to restart,argh that would be misserable, I think I would get seriously if I had a couple months into this and got snuffed out. I'll have to watch my back and have some good allies.
    And thank you for your response,I will click your suggested link on dealing with bigger players, I am clicking all the links I can at this point-learning.
    You got guys with several cities,100k's in points and then theres the multi branched mega-alliances,I'm just a minnow in the pond. I shall respond, undaunted, with superior intelligence and strategy to be their nemisis,their demise...yes they will rue the day the Herm came to PHI...Ha

    From reading your "building Cities" article I just realized I can make a profit just trading back and forth with the farms-very cool
    another thank you
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