How Many Are Leaving?

Pete The Lost

Who is leaving after WW's are done?

I am staying... but who is leaving? Any Alliance Disbands you think?


Staying til a suitable world opens. New one isn't quite right. I want speed 3 world and units.


Playing Delphi has been an OUTSTANDING experience!! LOVED the speed settings! LOVED the great people I have played with and against! Delphi was ALWAYS interesting, challenging and - above all - SUPER FUN!! I will be around for some little time still in Delphi - achievements I have yet to conquer! ;)

However - having signed into Actium recently - I will no longer be buying GOLD or playing actively on any other servers UNTIL the Devs make us a speed 3/3 or better REVOLT world! COME ON GUYS!! Hear your Customers.......!!!!
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I need a 3-3 revolt, then I will see all my Delphi buddies again.