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Discussion in 'Guides' started by dogukankurt, Oct 31, 2011.

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    I have been asked a few times how to put signatures up so I decided to make little visual guide to help people out.

    It's all been placed in a spoiler since there are some large images in there...

    • When you have the image you want to use as your signature, right-click and copy the image URL.

    • Then click on User CP and then when you scroll down a little you will see "Edit Signature".



    • You will see the big box where you will be inserting your signature. Click on the "Add Image" icon and the paste the URL into the box that comes up. It might look different on your screen as I'm using Chrome on my Macbook.



    • If your signature is bigger than the allowed maximum size (700 x 120), then you have to put the "Spoiler" tags.


    • Finally, save your signature and you should be fine! :)


    Hope that was useful to some people at least :)
  2. can i add to this also you can have something better than spoiler such as

    image url[/spoiler ]

    and it will come up as

    Image Url here

    leave out the space in the second spoiler.

    if im not allowed to add to this delete my post
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    I think carf has already made a guide on how to add sigs
  4. it didnt include how to put them in a spoiler
  5. abbs

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    thanks monkeyz gone wild. I just updated the spoiler in the way you showed. Hope it works for all forums.