Guide How TO Conquer you First Target as a Team


Since I am having to leave because getting Deployed To the Gulf I have posted 3 guides to help any player in his first conquest server

The First stage- How to get CS ready in a new server fast ~

The Second stage- Choosing First CS Target and Posting ~

This Guide is the last part to getting a good start to Grepolis Conquest worlds

Before you are actually going to conquer anything, you need the following things:

Conquest researched
A Colony ship
Enough Attack Units to clear the city (Slings,hops and Horses)
Exactly enough transport boat, to carry attack units
Enough Light Ship to clear the harbour
Conquer Research
Sufficient culture points to have another city~

Alliance support or own support units to hold the siege(never send with CS attack)

without these you can not expect to conquer a city.

Choosing a City
never conquer a city under 1.5K
not a good idea to conquer on own island

Clearing a city
Before conquering a city, you will need to clear it, or kill all of the troops occupying the city.

Here in Protogenoi we like to work as a team, so if it is your first conquest or even tenth ask someone to help with this. This is why the alliance requires the exact time it will take to arrive so they can work out if they need to launch attack before you or after you have launched.

Get people ready to support the city after you land so you can hold the city.

The conquering process
Now we come to the exciting part, so everything is in place we are ready to launch cs, we have players ready to support and ready to clear the victim, you have your Colony Ship ready and you want to do the actual conquering. Here is the order of events:

Work with what time you are aiming to land the colony ship using everybodies given travel time to target.

usually the cs will take longer to arrive than the clearence attacks So once worked out, lets say the cs is longest travel time.



send the cs and once sent edit your post in the forum with the exact arrival time displayed by clicking on your out going Attack logo. the supporting and clearence teams will need the exact arrival time so please get the 6 digit time in UTC+1 timezone. IF you do not post the correct time the conquest will fail

Clearence attacks
Clearence attacks will need to be timed to reach the target before, so use the time given by the person coonquering the city to time your attack. the server works on +/-15 second random lag so always make send 15 seconds before estimated arrival time as shown below. When confident you can get closer, but that is down to player experience. So say we are using the time Arrival today at 2:54:48 UTC+1 for the arrival time of CS.

Attack should consist of soley attack units always sent with Lightships(l/s)



After sending click on the attack symbol of your attack to check your attack arrives before the players cs.

Support should be sent to arrive after the cs lands, so use the time given by the person coonquering the city to time your Support. the server works on +/-15 second random lag so always make send 15 seconds After estimated arrival time as shown below. When confident you can get closer, but that is down to player experience. So say we are using the time Arrival today at 2:54:48 UTC+1 for the arrival time of CS.

Support should consist of soley defence units always sent with Biremes(Bir)



After sending click on the attack symbol of your Support to check your Support arrives After the players cs.

Once Cs arrives

Presuming you land successfully,There will be a 12 hour period after your C-Ship successfully lands that you will be vulnerable to attack. If an attack on the city manages to kill either all of your land or all of your navy, then your Colony Ship will be destroyed, the conquer broken, and your remaining troops will come home.

So once you land a timer will be displayed where your attack are usually displayed counting down from 12hours. click on this logo and a pop will be displayed showing your units in the city and support units, click on the second tab and check to see what is incoming.


Once you have enough support arrived in the city. you can recall your attack units but only if you have land and bireme from supporting people or your own in the city.

Go to your Agora in city overview and click on troops outside. and select the broken arrow not the top arrow and select which units you want to recall. As shown below.


After you have conquered
Once you have conquered, there will be a multitude of things to do to settle in

Sometimes the city you conquered will have researched some things that you consider worthless. In order to fix this however, you must use up a culture point so be very careful about resetting researches.

If the conquered city has a temple and it was worshiping a god, then it will keep this god. You should try to use a different god in the new city then you are using elsewhere, you do this in order to make sure you have as many god powers available as possible.

1ª- 1 sling
2ª- 6 sling
3ª- 10 sling
4ª- 10 slinger (fill with whaever unit until 40 needed)
5ª- 32 hoplites (fill with horses and slinger until 100 needed)
6ª- 15 horsemen (fill with horses, ships and slinger until 300 needed)
7ª- 140 slinger (fill with horses, ships and slinger until 600 needed)

Congratulations now look at citiy builds in the forum and start streaming your cities

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Good stuff

Great advice thank you and good luck in the gulf.
One can also use Grepolis Intel to gain the intel for attacks.


A nice guide, will likely be very useful to those new to the game and new to conquering. +rep.

I favour Conquest worlds myself, but perhaps it would be worth someone doing a similar guide for a revolt world?


Thank you for sharing, it is so helpful for new players and make them how to play this game.


the importance of every player changing their settings to the same time zone - i know it was mentioned in the guide, but perhaps it should be made BIG or something?

it really is a make or break, and a mistake noobs often make (the rhyming is pure coincidence :cool: )

def a good guide though (y)
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Good guide !

Thanks for uploading he guide. Well, could you please tell me why did you mention UTC + 1 timezone instead of UTC + 2 timezone ? Berlin - UTC + 2 is the default server time for any new player signing on Grepolis.



Something Strange Happened For me When I Was try to Conquer a City
There Was A City in our island and the city's point was 4160
and my city's point was 3994,my friends attacked him and when his city was cleaned i attack him with Conquest and after i won the battle the revolt started.
in the first 12 hours we attacked him for couple a time,and we didn't let him to build up an army.
and when the second 12 hours started i send my CS with a lot troops and light ships and exactly 1 minute before my CS arrive,my friends attacked him with land and sea to make sure he hasn't any troops and ships,and they cleaned his city 1 minute before my cs arrive,but when my cs arrive he destroyed my cs my troops my transports and my light ships and he did all these with just some question mark.
in report there was just a question mark which defeated my units.
and i build another cs,and attacked him again and before send it, there wasn't any ships and troops and then i send my cs again and 12 hours wasn't finished yet and question mark defeat my units and my cs again.

it was my first city which i tried to take it, and my culture points was 2
but he had 2 cities (if these info can help you)

please tell why this happened,i really confused,Was it a bug or something,be cause i'm sure he doesn't have any units to defeat my cs and...


The question marks just mean that you can't see what was there because you didn't win the battle.
He saw when your CS was due to land and sniped it either with his own troops and ships maybe his alliance sent some, to arrive in the seconds before your CS did. He then withdrew them from the city to save for the next time you send.

He could also have called militia just before you tried to land, but if you saw two ? then he won the sea battle as well as the land battle.


when i attacked him with 32 light ships before sending my cs,he had no ships but the question mark was still there
but no harm to my light ships.
and about militia,i saw something like that, after i received my second report(about my defeated units),but i didn't cared about it
can you explain it for me,what's that?and how much could be effective.


For an effective CS landing, clearing waves should be as close to the time of CS arrival as possible. This is to prevent the enemy from sending their defense away and recalling seconds before CS arrives. Other cities/alliance members can also send support 2 to 3 seconds before your CS attack (The more experienced players/alliances time their snipes ridiculously close to CS). Now, such timing is really difficult to achieve because an attack is randomly delayed or advanced by 0 to 15 seconds.

TIP: Using slower ships (e.g. 1 transport) with the wave (light ship nuke) you can have multiple tries to get as close as possible to CS time since you can attack, check how close it is, recall and try later with the faster units(only light ships).
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