Pnp how to tell your alliance should be disbanded.


Here is a reason: Your players attack cities that are green on the map, and then are surprised someone complains!
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your part of a 6 alliance federation and still cant do major damage to the 1 alliance your fighting against.
there is the best reason to disband. :)


actually to some of you guys intrepeting this more wrong. GSA was an example ^.^ and like it or not the old quality of alliances has mostly died. its down to the point where its pretty much 1 good alliance per world if even.

also this wasn't exactly a pnp when started someone moved it and tagged it ^.^

the ultimate reasons your alliance should be disbanded.
1. you have more than 2 alliances...even 2 is sometimes VERY generous as most good teams have 1.
2. if your DBP beats your ABP in most cases.
3. if you can't be organized
4. if everyone is annoyed by your very presence.

so 90% of delphi is a messin up in atleast 1 of these categories.
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there many alliances in question.

there is a alliance in the top 12 that does not even have a profile page. so what do they stand for?

things like that
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also this wasn't exactly a pnp when started someone moved it and tagged it ^.^
Yes, I did move it and I also tagged it. I was asking the purpose for this thread as really I didn't see one..Someone said it was PnP which I didn't really see, but went ahead and tagged it. If we're going to have posts in here that belong in another thread they will be deleted/moved as I see best. :)

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ur alliance should be disbanded if it :
is an MRA
Cant successfully pull off an ops more that 75% of the time (dnt do an ops you cant handle)
Needs to be told by people online that it disband


Your alliance should be disbanded if:

1) Doesn't have good communication
2) Members aren't striving for the same goal
3) Leaders aren't supportive
4) There is no training involved.

The alliance is as strong as the weakest player