Discussion How to use gold effectively.


Disclaimer: Not sure if I posted this in the correct place, and I know this is borderline to a couple questions that it said not to ask, so I apologize if this is the case.

So I used to play this game and I never really spent any money on gold. Now, I was considering playing again, but was wondering how do people effectively use gold to build cities quickly? And how much does this tend to cost? Mainly, what are some good techniques used? There's always at least one guy who has one or several full sized cities by the time beginners protections ends. How do they do it?


You use gold to buy rss off the market for 2000:50 per transaction, farm cities bumping out of BP & some push senate to save SOME gold costs when the rest of the buildings are pushed


I don't see a reason in golding a city quickly, but I can answer my thoughts on the best ways to spend gold. The following is pretty much the only things I spend gold on, and in that priority.

1) Premium advisors
2) Olympic Games
3) Events
4) Quickly producing units if needed (dire circumstances)