Hurricane Irene


Some of you may not know . . . but east coast of america is going to get hit by a huge hurricane. I live in Jersey and by the looks of it the entire state will be in its path. To those Kappa players that live on the east coast i wish u and ur families luck and hope that you are all safe.

I will be offline (due to the fact we may lose electricity) so keep Kappa clean and stay in the rules :p. Good luck to u all and be safe.



rule breaking spree :D

hope you stay safe phoenix, best of luck surviving the oncoming hurricane. hope it isn't too bad for you and your family.


YAY lets start braking rules(turn Kappa forums to a no law zone)(SW):p
Kidding :)
Phoenix stay inside and tie ur self to a fridge so the wind does not blow u away.In extreme cases u can use ur long hair as rope.Kidding again(maybe not):D

But I wish all of u good luck and I will wait until the best forum mod (you) returns :cool:


Be safe Phoenix. I will keep you and your family in prayers. Also hope everyone that lives in that area will be ok. Be safe to you all.


So far Pennsylvania hasn't been hit that hard. Good luck to you Phoenix.


we had some black outs where i lived and some trees went down, everything is gucci tho :p


To anyone in the general area of the hurricane stay safe!

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