We are an alliance of elite players. Important decisions are diplomatic. We are in the top 5 alliances in our main ocean(64) and in the TOP 30 out of ALL alliances! If you don't meet the point requirements, we have made a brother alliance- [ally]Knights of Hyrule[/ally]


~At least 2,000 points are required to join -will be raised as time goes on-

~You must be active- you have to be on at least once a week unless contacted beforhand-

~You must be loyal- this includes but is not limited to: If you are found to be a spy, you help our enemy(s), or attack any other member(unless they want you to[i.e. harmless attacks for BP]) you WILL be kicked and then attacked.

~You must help if you can and someone in our alliance needs it- Why should we help you if you wont help us?

you can join no matter what ocean you are in, but we are mainly in ocean 64

~Non-member support policy~

~If you are in a pact with us, of course we'll support you

~Refugees are welcome

~If you don't currenlty meet the reqirements, but are interested in joining, we will CONSIDER sending support to you. It's not a garrenty, but it should help if we do decide to give some to you- This does not apply to those still in an alliance, we don't "steal" members.
for recruitment contact:[player]trey1014[/player]

our diplomat: [player]trey1014[/player]
Merges will be into us

-If you want to make a pact, message us. Blind pacts will NOT be accepted.


acts of war:
-attacking our members
-farming our members
-spying on our members
-inviting our members
-doing any of the above to our members in [ally]Knights of Hyrule[/ally], this will also be met met much more aggressively.
trey1014 has founded the alliance on 2012-08-07 at 17:36


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You don't start wars? Why?

You aren't Missing In Action? I guess that is good.

300 points? What oceans you recruiting in?
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ok, Alex and krumbz. Yes, I've seen that with my own eyes. Some wars are nessisary for me to start.

lol, I guess I might have gotten an abrieviation wrong and now your all joking about it. XD

Thank you for pointing that out, I will add our recruiting ocean.

lol, I'm no n00b at this game, but I've just became a leader only a few weeks ago. So that's why I had some mistakes.


Gaining Power :D

Our allaince is much bigger, I have alot more experience, and I took a poll and all my members think that the alliance is working perfectly. Even if you've already checked it out, you may want to check again;)