I am running into VM because I am under attack....


and who wasn't hurt this time in the writing of that poem? :)
Forgot....besmar, my target ran into VM as well. So hard to pin them down for an offensive as they run so quickly into VM. Besmar, if you are reading this, I have rebuilt all my forces for round 2. Come back, if you dont, I will have to attack some other alliance member of yours. Again.


Im not in G. BB. only know how to look situation and have some friends there. as I see Musky are great (the best) but have nice pacts (they dont need help if they whant good fight). you are not top 20 fighter in Musky so please do not speak about fight anymore. Musky need big fish? go on Memento Mori Elite. than you will have more exciting world and more DBP for you ;). correct me if I'm wrong


Nothing to correct.

A war between Musks and MME would make Gythium much more exciting.
I think the reason why Musks don't hit MME is because MME is stronger than musks. Own opinion. But MME still THINKS Musks are better.
So, one side knows the truth so they don't dare to engage, and the other side doesn't know it.

We all agree that Musks can defeat ALL other alliances. I wonder why no musks are bored? They win every fight..where's the fun in it?
JBS is getting hit hard as well...

So time to get some action down there...

Btw; WW time isn't far anymore. Do both sides think they'll just wait and see how the other alliance builds the Wonders? Are their leaders stupid perhaps??? MME won't allow Musks to build it, and the other way around.
It's better to react now. Otherwise if you go in war DURING the WW build a third dog will walk with the bone. So act now defeat the other side so you have no real enemys or "threats" left during the building of the Wonders.

My opinion...


This thread is going Off Topic

Scucko = Grannyweathermax
Jorisva = RTSgamer

Atleast jack fought till the end and didnt run into VM. Better mad dash his cities :)

FYI, I would like to add Lord Krato is not a very good player and him taking jacks account would not have bothered me at all.
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Im original scucko. I quit Iota before 1-1.5 year
You...the "original" scucko is playing in gyth under the name grannyweatherwax.

perhaps your account in IOTA is not longer controlled by you (all thou you claim and boast scucko's stats in IOTA to make yourself look good)

Either way, when YOU post in gyth externals under the name scucko its too be interpreted as coming from gyth player grannyweatherwax...

Hence... Scucko = grannyweatherwax


I dont see point of this man. you know more about me then I? not posible. sorry


bobo think he know everything but I know that he knows nothing...
Btw, my vm will be active soon, maybe bobo will attack me and then whine that I ran in vm lol....


Makes sense. A player who comes in here to mouth off and yet hides behind some other name, well, isnt worth my time. Like any person attempting cyber bullying by being a coward who wont tell anyone his / her game name and just runs at the mouth giving other players a hard time is a yellow bellied gutless wonder. I pity your pathetic attempts trying to put other people down while you hide on the Internet.

If I make fun of players, I have my game name posted. Anyone got a problem with me can mail me directly. So, keep hiding behind your Forum names here, because when it comes down to the game, you are a waste of internet space, crowing in the background hoping to get attention as you do not have a life and need to validate your existence here.

Not even worth a poem.

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Ill say its natural that player post he is scucko to have biger respect in alliance. is that forbiden? he have that acc long enough to say that. dont know does he still play in Iota. maybe he was give that acc another player. you need to ask him. I was play Iota only few mounths. my play stile: alwayse staring with another names, play until I get about 20 cities (depend how exciting world is) then Im out. I think you wasnt know that ;)

as I see from all this posts bobo hate other players. its not nice. you need to respect all players in grepo like they respect you. some of them are very good some of them not but you need to be nice with people


Not to double post on purpose...just getting the thread back on topic.

I think we can add coriales and alan disomma to the list.

Coriales was really weak....he went vm for only 24 hours and then came back...that was a text book running into VM move.


something changed here I think. you lost city and go in VM lol
What changed?
The quotation you quoted me in was over a month before I went into planned VM.

Keep on walking... or should I say talking?


So, after Muskies put down Coriales in so many threads, it seems a little bit absurd that he ended up in GDC, don't you think? ROFLMFAO


When I was in PEAK, I undertook 2 ops from musks. I never went into VM once. It just gives them more time to reload. When PEAK launched an op on me, I never went in VM. I lost cities, but I didn't go in VM. I will never go into VM because someone attacks me.