I Suck

The Great Toast

the ice-man, he buys his cities.
he's all gold....
have you seen his BP??? #1 player in alpha, but #56 in BP.........that's unheard of.
i've got no problem with the guy, but he's barely even playing the game.
he's only ever been in one alliance, doesn't attack, doesn't have to defend because he's so large.
no beans about it, he would destroy me. but i think people need to stop worshiping him like a grep god.
he's just a guy who has a credit card.
Thats true, I've only used the olympics 1 time XD

Rooster Jones

i got the idea after trying to catch arrows being fired at me by my ex-girlfriend.......she seemed very motivated to hit the target.
now if it had been beef flavored.......i may have been in REAL trouble.

Beef flavored arrows?

It would be real motivation to catch them in your teeth... like a ninja cyborg.

The Great Toast

Beef flavored arrows?

It would be real motivation to catch them in your teeth... like a ninja cyborg.

I don't get it! Either the mods pay you to spam, you have a spamming license, or you get an infraction every 2 seconds!

We all make n00by mistakes, from sending unguarded boats, supporting ghost towns, or attacking a 700000 city person ;)


Oh man, I've done some seriously stupid things over the years.

Like the time I invested 20 grand in a Bacon-flavored Dental Floss company.

Sorry dudes, still hung up on the idea of bacon flavoured floss...

In the great words of the great Bixby Snyder, I'd buy that for a dollar! (Pound in my case)



i feel like i suck at this game aswell, best part is only played 4/5days,
i just feel like theres no action in this, can anyone give some pointers plz the more the merrier thanks for ur time


look dude build troops,farm, My nooby mistake was i built up construction more than troops


I'm sorry I've been an idiot :(. Who wants to conquer me? I leave my city free. So if you want to conquer me, do it soon. That way you can get rid of the stupid noob, Daddytech350. After all... :pro:! Any comments on how stupid I am, please post them here.

Don't sound so suicidal.

Whatever you did, that is the point of the game, live and learn.

It's alright. :)

(P.S. I'm still way nooby, so don't feel bad :D.)


Check out his in-game profile. He's saying "I really don't think I need an actual profile since you all know I'm a noob. "


wooly why don't you go to setting press delete and you win a prize !