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Little Wars

In Today's Issue,
  • World Update
  • Little Wars
  • Weekly Stats
  • Alliance Heading(Maps)

World Update
It's been a Month and 10 days since Ialysos Opened and still we see no major wars happening.The Core as usual is boring but a bit interesting than normal because there appears to be some fighting going on.As for the Rim powerful alliances are emerging without even having to worry about any threats from the alliances in the core.Many leaders are saying that something huge will happen in the weeks to come so we can also hope that this is true....

Little Wars
First off to get an idea on who's engage in other wars i asked a few leaders of the top alliance.And this is what they had to say.

1...What has happened to EN coalition is it still present or has the coalition come to an end because a member who was in your coalition,The Titans are being attacked by you and vice versa....Any reason for this?
Praehelios said:
Again I will reiterate there is no coalition. We like all alliances have Pacts/NAPS. That being said, if one alliance attacks us, we attack back. If the Titans have attacked us, I'm sure we retaliated with tremendous prejudice.

2...You guys have also seem to be at war with Vendetta and their academy's any reason for this as well?
Praehelios said:
Vendetta & their academies attacked us numerous times. The first few were put on the back burner as far as attention. They came on a lot stronger though and forced us to pay attention to them. So we marked them red, and went to War.

3...If the coalitions have finally come to an end,Will you guys start to take out other alliances finally?
Praehelios said:
What coalition? Again, I will state like all alliances we have Pacts/NAPS. EN will continue to do what they have been doing. We have been engaged in conflict since day one, and will continue to continue on that path.

4...Any wars you know of that other alliances are involved in?
Praehelios said:
All we are aware of is other alliances targeting us. No clear all out war, but there are jabs back and forth.

5...Lastly your thoughts on where this world is headed?
The worlds over a month old now and many alliances have already reached over a million but no major wars happening,does this not bother you'll?

Praehelios said:
Speaking from our standpoint we have prob declared war on the most alliances out of all the remaining ones. We have quite a credible list of defeats, Virus included. So I wouldn't say there hasn't been any major wars. Its just that till this point it has been very one sided. Credit that to our killers.
1..So by the looks of it EN has done away with the coalition.Not exactly sure but once a member The Titans are now being hammered by EN.What are your thoughts on this?Do you think that EN coalition has come to an end?
Also whats happening with your coalition?
Jimmy07 said:
I think that was just internal takeovers.

2..You guys are at war with league of Corinth any reasons for this?Also are you guys are at war with any other alliance?
Jimmy07 said:
They took one of our cities so we repaid the favor with interest.
We are taking care of all the alliances around us now. Just cleaning up our little corner of the map.

3..Any wars you know of that other alliances are involved in?
Jimmy07 said:
EN v LOD, EN v Vendetta. The Lollipop Guild and Psycho Bunnies. Seems The Grim Reapers and ArchAngels are having a go at each other also.

4..Lastly your thoughts on where this world is headed?
The worlds over a month old now and many alliances have already reached over a million but no major wars happening,does this not bother you'll?

Jimmy07 said:
Still a bit early to see where the world is heading right now. The big hitters are starting to stand out a bit. A core war will hit up soon and we will have a better idea from there im sure.
1..You guys were in the EN coalition if i am correct but how come EN is now taking cities from your alliances? What's the reason for this? Any particular reason that this is happening? Has EN broken the pacts with all the members who were in the coalition?
Prateek the Great said:
"You Guys were in the EN Coalition"
...So everyone keeps telling us....
"..but how come EN is now taking cities from your alliances.."
... we answered them in kind.... we have a decent working arrangement with EN - some friction notwithstanding

2..What are your plans now?Will you'll join the anti-coalition? or just fight without any allies?
Prateek the Great said:
I have heard of the anti-coalition from your newspaper/external forums... but havent been approached by anyone thus far.. although I do feel the lack of practical/viable targets is becoming somewhat of a constraint

3..Do you know any intel on the anti-coalition?Are they all still together?
Prateek the Great said:
I certainly hope so....although I have no intel - either ways

4..Are you guys at war with any other alliances?
Prateek the Great said:
Yes. Unfortunately they dont last too long...not sure 'wars' is the word I would use to describe them

5..Any wars you know of that other alliances are involved in?
Prateek the Great said:
I think the top alliances are eating away the smaller ones and consolidating...nothing of note thus far... but news is going to happen soon I think...

6..Lastly your thoughts on where this world is headed? The worlds over a month old now and many alliances have already reached over a million but no major wars happening,does this not bother you'll?

Prateek the Great said:
Your guess is as good as mine...but as I alluded in the last answer...I think/hope things are going to get exciting soon...
1..Whats the status now with you guys and EN?
Siciliana Drago said:
Things are good. All those rumors about kronnoss being a crazed madman hell bent on war are simply not true. Well...most of them are not true. The main problem seems to be that I AM actually a crazed madman hell bent on war. Fortunately our couples therapy seems to be working...for the moment.

2..Also why did EN start attacking The Titans?
Siciliana Drago said:
Actually, I had heard it was the other way around. Now if you want to talk about players hell bent on war, that Prateek the Great is a wild man! You have to ask him why he ordered that action.

3..What are your plans in the weeks to come?Finally start a core war with a top alliance?Or are these coalitions just gonna sit around doing nothing?
Siciliana Drago said:
Well, we just finished a pretty serious round of attacking with Legion of Death and their allies---so I would have to say that war is on our minds. Jaguar Warriors are a warring alliance--we came to Ialysos for WAR.

4..What are your thoughts on the rim alliances,like THE BARBARIANS?They seem to be growing really fast. Don't you think they will be a threat?
Siciliana Drago said:
Rim alliances always come in to stronger play as the world matures. They have the advantage of time and room to grow. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage of not having mature cities to take like we do in the core. It balances out. Speaking of THE BARBARIANS--WOW...there's a real madman on the loose in Aceswild757. I was co-Founder with him of an alliance in Helorus--and he eats nails for breakfast...because that what his mom serves at home!

5..Lastly what will you like to add about this world?
Siciliana Drago said:
It makes me laugh when players give up or have an attitude that "this world's already over". Shows their inexperience in my opinion. Every world I have played I hear it, and within a month or two something happens that changes the entire outlook. Stick around--this world is going to get wild!

So then lets take a look at these war stats;

Eviction Notice vs Legion of Death

EN Cities conquered=6
LOD cities conquered=0

Eviction Notice vs Vendetta+All it's academies

EN Cities conquered=25(Conquers also include "Upcoming Ghosts" Who seems to have been One Vendetta Academy)
Vendetta+Academies cities conquered=0

The Lollipop Guild vs Psycho Bunnies

TLG Cities conquered=25
PB cities conquered=1

Archangels vs The Grim Reapers+Academies

AA Cities conquered=26
TGR+Academies cities conquered=4

56 Forever+Academy vs *BuRLesQuE*

56F Cities conquered=37
*B cities conquered=1

Well that's it for little wars that I know of.

Weekly Stats
NEW Previous Weeks Rankings Added








Alliance Headings(Maps)
Basically this is a heading on the Top 6 alliances in the world.Each week you will see the map from the previous week and this week.This way players can see where these alliances are really headed.


Just 5 this week because "Musketeers" whent a rank down.
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