If I were to make an alliance in o54 would anyone want to join (ex-mickeyd's members)


This isn't an alliance profile. I am considering starting a new alliance in o54, since the dibansion of mickey ds I believe there is space for another strong alliance, also there are good players lieing around without alliances. If I would start up an new alliance, the main goal would be to try and stop Moderated Nation outgrowing us.nIt would be a mix between ex-mickey d's players and other players. You would need plenty of experience to other worlds, I also would check your stats before sending you an invite. The way i would do this is have all members prepare for war, and seriously build up your armies. the alliance will only start if enough people message me on the forums or in game (under the same name) and I am not completely settled somewhere else I will try and put one together, in the meantime thanks, Blindllama17.

P.S. If I started getting a good amount of invites I would make a decent alliance profile.
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llama, this is me being genuine - not rude (they're sometimes hard to tell apart).

The fact that you would choose this method to create your alliance is a sure sign that you are not ready to lead an alliance capable of putting up a fight against MN.

1. Start by PMing players from your ex-alliance that might be interested in joining you.
2. Invite them and set up a power structure.
3. Go to grepointel and get mass mail lists for other alliances attempting to survive in 54, mass mail the members of those alliances letting them know that their alliance does indeed suck and that you want to take the best players from them, combine them, and hopefully survive another month in MN's ocean.
4. Invite everyone who asks for an invite, because the alliance cap is 100 and you aren't gonna reach it anyway. Members who don't grow fast enough you can cannibalize.

***Note*** Whatever else you do, do NOT go on the externals and make an announcement that your alliance exists for the sole purpose of MN who I guarantee wouldn't even notice your alliance for weeks if you didn't tell them you were there.

5. Now that you have an alliance, and you haven't told MN that you are gunning for them, be a jerk. The people who join your alliance might be nice, but if they can't perform you need to kick them out on their nice behinds and take their cities from them. You're not gonna get anywhere by buddying up to the same losers who are dragging every other alliance in the ocean down.

Good luck.


What are you guys talking about! So rude mojo! you need some class.


Mojo, this is the epitome of class and leadership. Don't listen to Mako he's nub.

+rep from me.


It was rude. But it was also pretty accurate. Unfortunately, that is the way of Grepo: Stick'em in the gut while you're smiling and shaking their hand.


Well it was more a survey than an alliance profile, who would want to join an alliance if I was going to make one, I did try to make that as clear as possible. But the advice would have been sound if it was relevant

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Mojo post was correct. It was put the way it should be. It was not rude. It was grepolis. BlindLlama you could learn a lot from players like Mojo or DW for that matter, because they play it for real and they play it hard.