If you could change one thing ...


Ok prepare ur defenses have a huge army of swords archers and even a Cerberus coming 4 u



I'd definitely get rid of the events and have advisors as a standard part of the game... Oh and get rid of the ability to gold troops/buildings etc. It's just unfair lol


i would change the entire structure of the agame and also the grepolis tem who appear faceless and monery orientated when i first played grepolis it was fun and engaging and a game that required skill to play and win but these days it has become about gold and greed from the grepo people and players with skill are being forced away from the game by such players who can only win when they use unlimited gold resources to buy an army that there skill cant attain i have only recently rejoined after a few yrs away and after only a few mnths im already comin to the conclusion that this game and team are just not interested in anythin but lining there pockets i and all the other none gold users would like to see a major change otherwise i for one will just leave and never return as i fail to see the point in playing a game you can only win if your pretty well off and can have unlimitles gold and honest forum moderators as i dont believe for a minute they are honest since i actually reported a player in the new wortld who admitted in a inbox mail that he was running 2 accounts on the same ip adress and suplied proof of this and yet this player was not banned at all and upon checking i find both his accounts are still active and in the world so it seems if you spend gold grepo forum mods are turning a blind eye to cheats aswell


To sum up 90 percent of wishes from posts, people just want 1st Gen world style back.
no what we want is to get rid of the gold culture the games supposed to be about fun but its hard to have fun when skilless morons can just pay and play and no matter how crap they are with gold they can still beat you


Tbh most of players are getting annoyed with that much gold abuse, but that's how Grepolis evolved and we have to get used to it. There's 0 chance of getting back to old days. Overall InnoGames is a company and they need to make money, so here you get gold.

Yep in the past it really was all about skill, but even nowadays if you have skill you can get through and withstand even hard gold abusers.

Dangerous people are who have skills and much gold lol.

About using same IP, I hope you know that if you register two accounts and inform admins that those two accounts are for different players who just share same net, it's okay. So maybe that's reason why they aren't banned.


I Actually Have 2 Slots, Just dont know how to Recruit a army yet???? inform plz

lol how you gonna survive if you can,t even order troops keeping an eye out for you in my worlds @easycity.com


This is a little ridiculous. If you have trash talk, take it to that thread. This thread is about if you could change one thing in Grepolis to promote an actual discussion. If you are trying to showcase how salty you are, there literally is a thread for that so take it there.