Imperial Naval Fleet


Imperial Naval Fleet
--Quantity Through Quality--
Location: O-38ish
Recruitment: limited-1000ish points. A nice message can go a long way, LOL.
Orientation: non waring
Pacts: Open for discussion

1. Attacking other INF members is forbidden.(except if they ask or to stop a conquer)
2. Attacking other players without permission is forbidden.(farming villages do not count)
3. Shared Forums are not to be flamed in or any disrespectful comments made.
3.1 Any public forum should be treated the same way. When you post you become the INF
representative. Be sure it will not get us wiped off the map.
4. Invite people to join us.
4.1 Do not invite people from large alliances.
4.2 Do not invite anyone under 1000 points.
4.3 Do not invite anyone without sending them a message.
4.4 Ask before just inviting someone please
4.5 We're not an M.R.A. and will not merge into another alliance.

This is more of an informative message than recruiting. None the less if you have questions message me ingame. One day I may want to. That's my alliance so far.


erm, is this not a bit late in the game to be doing this?


Is there going to be a reset or something?..... if so oh well... It's still an informative post...

I thought it was endless... I may have missed something tho...
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