Increasing playerbase

Count Davryll

I posted the following in a reply to an Event chat.
but it should work well here too.

Just a word …… KISS
(keep it simple stupid)
Works in every form of life, except Grepolis it appears.

This goal to get players to spend more gold will back fire unless you make it worthwhile for many rather than the big spenders.

Here‘s an idea. how about every 6 months (maybe 12 months) making 1 world, where there is NO GOLD. See how many players join?
If it’s a success you could build the next world where it’s 500 gold to join, but still with NO GOLD in it, once the word gets out, you would probably have loads of players flocking back to the game. Just to see if the concept works.

Time to give something back to those that have supported you over a decade.

Sometimes you need a player base to keep the WHALES alive, I understand that, I really do. It was a great vid in 0zzz’ post and probably explains Inno’s stance in one go, but that doesn’t explain why Inno couldn’t give something back and one small way to do that is to see if the 80% of the 20/80 principle would like a NO GOLD server, would they even play it?

But the only way you capture more WHALES is to open it to more players. Get back to making the game fun and enjoyable for all.

Just wishful thinking, I know!


Next world will be slow Conq? Would like to play again... tho how about Grepolis World population these days?

Myrddin Emyrs

Reading the posts here makes for interesting read and seems to be from a varied player base, I've been playing since 2010 for 5 years after the world's were good, oceans were filled up 100s of players in alliances then heroes got introduced still was decent, but shortly after it started to deteriote it, worlds with 4 oceans barely filled the increase of speed in worlds I think affects it. Do we really want world's that are done within months or that last, whilst the game is mostly strategy it is also a way to meet new players make new team mates even friends and with one of the ideas I think a world where no gold Market is a good idea, I think still have the advisors but one world isn't going to kill inno and think it's certainly worth a shot. That's just my two cents...