Increasing the Maximum Level of Farm and Academy


If more units and research is ever added to Grepo. Which I doubt, because the developers seem to be only interested in fixing bugs, adding new worlds and coming up with new events. If they do however add more units available for creation/building, as well as new research being needed in academy in order to make those new units available, then they should Raise the Maximum level of Farm and Academy accordingly.

The Proposal:

Increasing Maximum Level of Farm to 48(or 49) from the current 45 and Academy to 39 from 36.

Reason: Farm: To allow the building of additional units (if added to game).

Also, this would mean Academy at Level 37 would open up 3 more Research Point Icons.


  • In all fairness, the Grepolis Community had been asking for a new Endgame format for years. While it hasn't always been successful in forcing the top alliances to force each other as intended, it still fulfilled the request for something different. And if the developers didn't fix the bugs, they'd get a significant amount of complaints and more players leaving the game.
  • Increasing the population limit per city favours attack over defence - while that's not necessarily a bad thing, it does have to be considered. Additionally, we already have Land Expansion tokens that can stack to add up to 300 population to a city.
  • The majority of the new "elite" units you've suggested would invalidate the use of the existing versions (except for cases where your "elite" statistics are accidentally worse than the current units), therefore there would be no requirement to increase the population limit.
  • Research points are capped to encourage careful use. If you really need the extra research points (which you shouldn't if you are specialising your cities, which is standard practice), the Library special building already exists.