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Since this world is coming to and end i thought this would be a good way to tell people your complete story in Omicron.
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My story has 3 parts. pardon bad grammar

1. the beginning aka the AAB era. i had just returned after being betrayed in august of 2010 by my senate in my other alliance and i was ready to go take it to another world. as i figured out quickly so were many people including my good friend murty and my old rivals alpha...murty and i quickly struck a friendship. Alpha showed soon after im guessing for the sake of expanding as back then they were still theta super stars up while it was more love hate back then due to several screw overs with leadership in theta (hate) but us still working together and cooperating for the most part with eachother (love) i hated proxy (the orginal founder of alpha) so when i first saw alpha i thought "fight em" however i saw that the times had indeed changed as Hamwise was in control so i decided to give him a shot and ask for a pact and encouraged a pact between tu and alpha aswell. for the time AAB and TU went to fight black sea and within a month 3 of their 4 alliances were history...that last one being one tough cookie when backed against a wall :) AAB flurished for a short time but sadly it was just not ment to be as i had to get my life together and went on a near two week inactive streak this was the end of the AAB era

2. The era of betrayals when i returned i saw A LOT had changed AAB was in TU now and TU was at war with Dogs of War and BS was defeated and as usual alpha was schemeing apperently proxy tought hamwise well... as it turned out DoW was convinced it was a good idea to fight TU by alpha (keep in mind they were "allies") anyways i returned to find myself in a situation i had been attacked and was just under the mark for conquest and only at 1 city still. i messaged murty to figure out what happened and asked for an invite. at first i was differed i thought i was screwed for a 2nd time then i started seeing a few ghost towns near by and that i was almost at conquest. so i rushed for it and remessaged murty saying i could pick up 2 cities in a few days as i had picked up a lot of bp from our war with bs and their allies. i quickly hit conquest and got my cities along with a DoW city as i love helping my team. i hung at 4 cities for the longest time because i was in the safest zone. by this time Alpha and TU were getting into a war and i was chillin in the academy of TU mostly sending long distance attacks to help take overs and being bored my main entertainment was our leader bli zankity argueing with our co Christiansisbeast finally christians won that debate i guess cuz bli tranfered our along with several players i was one of them. i was back to being bored as hell as i was still in the safest part of 65. this continued to the point where i honestly almost quit infact the very week i had determined i would be quitting and offering my cities up for grabs as it turned out on one of my last days i logged on to find the academy was almost completely drained and christians had led a full revolt on TU to avenge his own alliance...well he turned out to be good at picking his targets as i was the FIRST to be light up with attacks waking up to find me only 15 minutes out of my first wave of revolts. i knew my offense wasn't surviving the fight so i stashed it and built defense or got up close and personal with what i had until it was delepeted. i then requested help as the revolted started. TU completely saved me that day as i was so focused on being offensive i didn't have much defense. for the first time i realize i was vulnerable that quickly changed as i began shelling out defense and offense. within a week i was going head to head with christians and pretty soon the tide turned with some help from TU i knocked off several of christian's cities along with some other blows from TU christians pretty much became irrelevent and no threat. sadly this was the end of my chapter for another 6 months as future commitments were calling and i had to work on myself a lot. so i quit grepolis totally.

3. the return. i finally got some free time wrestling was ending and track isn't nearly as time consuming. i returned to Omicron in march just for the sake of catching up as i was playing delphi and eventually ithica where i ended up leading another AAB sec. eventually i settled down in o-25 omicron and half assed for a month and a half hitting conquest. well some bs went down on ithica and i found myself taking notes on how to improve for the next AAB team as my new one was gone /: i quickly turned my eye to omicron and blew onto the map taking over 3 cities in a week and just growing from there. its like old times you know without being in TU. insted i roll with Plato who are a good mix of guys :)


Early Days:

Omicron is my First Server in Grepolis. I started off my first city in middle of O46. First 2 days i started learning the basics reading tips and tricks off the internet. then i got a message from a newbie who also started in Omicron and he asked me if we both could start an alliance. I thought sure why not and then started sending out invites all in middle of O46. We formed Alliance called United Armies and during that time All other alliance were fighting LYNX and there was this 1 guy called mr10of10 who formed Red Dragons and he created a Mass Alliance Pact kind of a thing to fight LYNX. i have forgotten the name of that pact. During that time we got in touch with The Forerunner's leader SIERRA256. He and few others took our alliance under his wing and taught us do's and don't of grepolis. Then we became their Academy for a while under the name of United Armies Reclaimers under the leadership of SIERRA. THe world pact fell and Alpha began attacking mr10of10 and The Forerunners and Few other minor alliances in O46 and O36 started supporting Red Dragons. mr10of10 formed small battle groups each incharge of special tasks and thus began Red Dragon Reclaimer alliance.

Rise of Red Dragon Reclaimers and downfall:
When were were United Armies Reclaimers we had issues with Defiled Forest and since we both were in same ocean we could not stand each other and so we fought but it ended up as draw as neither alliance could take other alliance cities so we called it a truce. Since Alpha started attacking mr10of10 our primary focus was to get Alpha off our backs. Alpha started attacking mr10of10 heavily but we defended him with all of our defenses and we held it till he quit. Now during this time The Unit and Dogs of War war had started and Alpha suggested that we do an NAP with them as they are supporting DOW in their fight with The Unit and The Squad. We did not agree to their terms and so we started attacking them in O46. Alpha's lower order were our targets and quickly began taking their cities. Alpha called Defiled Forest for help and Incomes BCAE and his troopers. Now this is the first time i encountered with bcae and Defiled Forest had 3 alliance Defiled Forest, Defiled Forest South and Defiled Forest West. Bcae was the head of Defiled Forest South and they declared war with Red Dragons. At first Defiled Forest West and Defiled Forest did not seem to Interfere in the war with Defiled Forest South and Red Dragon Reclaimers and we thought well we can handle them on our own since we had fought them before and thus started our downfall. We made 1 bad choice and another. Even though i was under heavy attack by bcae i held my ground and gave DFS hell. We contacted The Unit and made a pact with them so that we could help each other out. We were completely surrounded in O46 Defiled Forest West in the west, Defiled Forest South surrounding us and Defiled Forest and Alpha to North of us. When DFS could no longer handle RDR alone their other parties joined in Defiled Forest West under the leadership of Quaama, Defiled Forest South under the leadership of Bcae and Defiled Forest under the leadership of Lightfoot. 3 alliance overwhelmed us with their attacks and i started loosing cities quickly. They called it Operation Sea Storm and i am sure most of you remember this one. They sent scary letters to our alliance members quickly creating panics among our ranks and it worked. Many left and joined Defiled Forest. To refil our lost ranks we were contacted by Blood of Death alliance for a merger. We had high hopes and we started merging but quickly the leader of Blood of Death fell under the influence of Defiled Forest and Made a Mad Man's deal of not supporting the merged players from RDR and lead the downfall of Blood of Death. At this point of time Defiled Forest and allies increased attacks and our great leaders thought of a greatest idea. THEY RESTARTED!!!!!!!!! leaving me and 2 others against 150 members of Defiled Forest So we were forced to surrender and Thus ended the legacy of Red Dragon Reclaimers.

Joining Defiled Forest Alliance:
After the fall of Red Dragon Reclaimers all members who had joined before the fall and after the fall merged into Defiled Forest West and Defiled Forest South. During the war, Bcae and myself had very heated arguments and were not on speaking terms. When i joined Deflied Forest i was forced to join Defiled Forest West. At this time Quaama went off to VM after the great war to take time off and then the second in command and RDR defect stepped. Personally we did not like each other and he used this opportunity to abuse his powers. I did not have a good time while i was in Defiled Forest West. I decided that this would be a good time to quit Grepolis and move on but fate had other plans.

Rebellion and Joining Black Sea: One day BCAE came to me and asked me if Friendship was more important than an Alliance. I said friends matters most and so he asked me if i would join him in his rebellian against leadership of Defiled Forest. I saw an opportunity and i took my chance and joined Black Sea along with bcae and few others. When i joined defiled forest i had friends who supported me and stood by me when they were in RDR i asked them the same question. Few Rejected and few Joined me in this rebellian and there was just 1 person who stood at the edge and could not make up his mind to betray his old friend or betray new found friendship with the leadership of Defiled Forest. He choose to stay in Defiled Forest and the Rebellian began. Bcae, myself and few others started quickly attacking Defiled Forest leaders and others and started moving oceans from O46 to O45 and at this time Bcae deleted all forums and kicked out all members from Defiled Forest. By the time they regrouped we had already moved to O45 and made our ground there. Bobytza33 the Military style leader quickled grabbed this opportunity to dismantle Defiled Forest for good and took us all under his alliance and over here we stood our ground in O45. We started loosing all cities in O46 but not before i gave them hell in that time. Bobytza33 and Ask stood by me and supported me in O45 and did not allowe me to loose even a single city in O45. Defiled Forest attacked me each and every day trying to break me into quitting. Other players who had joined me in this rebellian quit along with BCAE. I was the last person from the rebellian to survive all this.

Increase in Power: Defiled Forest did everything they could to ensure that i loose all of my cities and they did manage to bring me down to 5 cities from 25. Thanks to players of Black Sea i held those 5 cities in O45 till January 2012 where i lost 2 cities in O45 but by that time i had grown back to my original number of cities and even more by taking inactive player cities of Black Sea and thus began my reign of terror on Defiled Forest.

Evolution and Now: Now that i was back on the side of The Unit and Black Sea and The server was getting upgraded from 1.2 world to 2.0 worlds Both alliance decided that it was on their best interest that the 2 Alliance would merge and win this world. And here we are Building wonders and Attacking Enemies together. I am proud to be with Evolution and especially with all the drama and i have been through a lot building my reputation in Omicron. I have made many friends in this world both from enemy alliances and our alliances and i have made tons of enemies too.

Key Achievements:
1) Number 1 Defense ranking for more than 6 months
2) Known as the Pitbull of Evolution - Nickname given by a very good friend of mine (Blondyna)
3) Made Good Amount of Friends - Boby, Murty, Avera, CB, NG, JTS, RTL,Rmoller, Cris Kid, Doolcee,Bcae,Naf,Orb,Dean,Blondyna,neli,Ask, undercover

Thank you All if it wasnt for you guys i would have never made it this far. (Enemy alliance included)
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My story probably has 5 parts.

Sparta 300

Omicron was my first world and when i started i founded Sparta 300. We stayed away from the major alliances but did like to fight, most of our wars were with alliances that members of Sparta 300 had had issues with in previous alliances. Admittedly we were probably a little bit sim but didn't back down from a fight. Our first major war was with The Victor Web who were a similar size as us but we quickly took all the cities from their leader and started working down the list, taking out one player at a time. Then the game changed, a member of D3TH (who we had tried to pact with before) started attacking me and took a city from me, the first city i had lost. It was moment of truth we either carried on taking on the smaller alliances and let this attack slide and probably start being farmed or we could stand up for ourselves. At the time D3TH were the #1 alliance so it took balls for an alliance who weren't even in the top 12 alliances to attack D3TH but we did. 24 hours after me losing my city, we took it back and took a second from him. At this point R3dfox message me saying if we took another city from D3TH they would unleash themselves upon us, we didn't want a war with D3TH so we immediately backed down but i think it worked in gaining their respect a little.

D3TH and D3ATH

Shortly after my message from r3d we were invited (forced in hindsight as we were told if we didn't we would be seen as an enemy) into forming an academy for D3TH with a few of the guys from Toxic Virus and formed D3ATH. Our cities were mainly in o25/o24 so reaching the frontline in O45 was a difficult task but we were told not to worry about the massive gaps between our core and the frontline as everything in between was safe and protected by D3TH. A couple of months after we formed D3ATH, R3d decided that it was time to disband D3TH. Some from D3TH joined BS, others went ghost, this meant the cities we had gained in O45 were quickly consumed by BS as we had no support close enough to protect our cities as our core was 2 oceans away.

As the leader of D3ATH i got my men to re-group in O35. GS was shortly formed and pretty much became the old D3TH but with a different leader which did give us a bit more stability and we pretty much went along as we did before fighting BS and eventually Evo. However, after months of attempting to crack Evo it became apparent that it was impossible to beat Evo by sending attacks 14-18 hours away, we were constantly ridiculed by DF and GS for not getting involved in the fight despite sending constant support and organising ops that often lead to city wins by DF and GS.

World 2.0

When 2.0 was announced we quickly realised that D3ATH was in a strong position, we were 5th or 6th alliance in the world and had a lot of cities in 3 very safe oceans, we decided to try and force a merge through with Spartan Gods which would not only give us more members to build the WWs but give us access to the war they had going on with GE at the time.

The only problem with this merger was that we had a gap of 1 ocean - o34 between our core and SGs core in O33. We got to work of bridging that gap by taking on The Throne - the leftovers from BoJ and BoH, we started taking their cities and they were ok defenders but posed little as an attacking threat. However, this war with TT did not please GS, they weren't getting as much support from D3ATH so tried to negotiate a cease fire between the two alliances. We refused but agreed to a temporary cease fire because GS had taken some cities up north needing support. During this "cease fire" we were still attacked TT but we kept our support in GS cities regardless as they had been our allies for a good 6 months by now and we were loyal to them. 2 weeks later (the agreed time we would have the cease fire for) i told r3d, blood and malas that we were going to continue our fight with TT, i was asked to wait a couple of days by Malas, so i agreed, 2 days later, TT merged into GS...

The very alliance that we had supported for months had shafted us. This was the start of the breakdown in the relationship between D3ATH (who merged with SG anyway) and GS. CT became the 2nd ranked alliance on points and put themselves in a strong position for WW era. However, i got bored of not having an enemy within close proximity and i had numerous arguments with leaders of GS and DF and the final straw was a city claim that got jumped by a GS member and the CS i had incoming to the city was sea stormed by the member and i was told tough luck by GS leadership. I decided i was going to leave CT and go it alone.

Lost Boys

As soon as i left CT, i received loads of messages from my friends who had been with me since Sparta 300 days who wanted to join me, they, like me, had fallen out of love with Grepolis and we wanted to finish the world fighting, not being a defensive arm to an alliance that was run by people who not only still treated us like their academy but never thanked us for our support.

We formed Lost Boys, an alliance of 12 members who would take on and clear up the oceans we had cities in that because of pacts made months ago we couldn't attack under CT. Our first target was MI, i had bumped heads with MIs "diplomat", spike, who had threatened to attack Sparta 300 because of a mistaken city claim. I sent a few attacks at Spike but the world quickly closed down any chance of a war with MI, threatening and plotting to attack us, apparently by leaving CT meant we were pacting with Evo, some people made up quotes from me to force the world to attack us. We decided to back down as we want to fight, not commit suicide and there had not even been contact with Evo at that point!

Sparta 300, the alliance i had set up and founded was the target, full of noobs and sim city players the plan was to quickly destroy them and move on to the next target. However, CT decided to support them regardless of the fact the only reason CT and S300 was because of me. This meant the task of taking cities was a lot harder, but not impossible and we took quite a few.

At the same time CT had merged with MI which meant even more support incoming to Sparta 300.

At this point i contacted greymon who i have been friends with for quite a long time now about the potential of a 3 way merger between Lost Boys, DF and GS. The idea was received warmly and once the merger between GS and DF went through i was contacted to discuss Lost Boys joining. We gave 3 conditions of our merger, we were allowed to continue our fight with Sparta 300, and for GS to use their relationship with MI to stop the support of S300, all members were allowed to join and we had one position in leadership (even if that wasn't me). The nonnegotiable offer came in, we had stop the fight against S300, 3 of our players could not join GS and we would have no member in the council, we would become the defensive arm for GS WW islands and feed them with resources. I posted the offer in our forums and we all had a good laugh, i replied to the offer and i said thanks, but no thanks. Two days later, Boudred came back to me again, this time with the same offer but worded a bit more diplomatically - we had to stop the fight with S300, the 3 players who weren't allowed in GS could join DF until they proved themselves and once we had earned respect we might get a position in the council, again i said no thanks.

GS then decided to try and force us into the merge by making Sparta 300 their academy and thus leaving us with again no enemies to fight (screwed us over again). We were then given 48 hours to give up our cities surrounding GS WW or Malas was going to take them by force. There was no way we were giving them cities - a decision made by every member of Lost Boys (despite Malas and Blood assuming i had mislead my men) so i made contact with Evo. We quickly agreed a merger with them once they had the player space to have us. However, in the meantime we got caught supporting Evo in O34 and the war between GS and LB began. GS continued their public rubbishing of us but "secretly" tried to recruit and turn most of my guys into spies or joining GS, some lead Blood and Malas on so they could save themselves from being attacked while they built their defense up others told them where to go. But the messages from the two did make me laugh.


Evo got their player spaces and Lost Boys joined Evolution. Sure we have lost a couple of cities but that was always to be expected and a week after we joined we have helped take a WW city from GS. Our merge with Evolution quickly gave us what we all wanted, to be in the core of a major battle ground. And FYI blood and malas, we didn't make any requirements to join Evo, we only joined to screw you over but have ended up with 5 members in council and a position in the #1 alliance who is going to win the world in less than a month so for that i sincerely thank you :).


My story has 3 parts.........

Part one,
In the early days my allies and I conquered anything that moved.

Part two,
My allies and I merged with BS and conquered anything that moved.

Part three,
In the later stages of the game my allies and I built our wonders faster than all the other alliances put together while conquering anything that moved.

The End..........


From the Player formally known as Quaama

The Beginning

Omicron was the first time I had played Grepolis and my first city was located in the north-west of O46 and I had the name Quaama. I was invited by the regial (Founder of Defiled Forest) to join his alliance soon after I started as I was growing quickly. At the time Defiled Forest was at war with Sparta Empire. I think I only managed to join in one attack on that alliance before we destroyed them. As Defiled Forest was in the business of war it was not long before we were looking around for another enemy. The natural enemy at that time was The Forerunners who had a large presence in O46. I was allowed to occupy a DF city that was left to me by Sker. when he left Omicron. With two cities I went to war with my alliance against The Forerunners and Toaster747 in particular. I failed (one of three failures) to take either of Toaster747’s cities in battles that lasted a couple of weeks. I ended up taking someone else’s. The war went on and we took quite a few cities off The Forerunners. Then, much to my dismay, the war was over and peace reigned over O46. Fortunately that did not last too long.

The Forerunners/Red Dragons/Red Dragon Reclaimers/United Armies Reclaimers and The United World Alliance

Soon after the war with The Forerunners was ceased they went through a series of name changes/merges and the like – it was hard to keep track of at the time and it’s even harder to remember now. They also at some stage joined a worldwide pact known as The United World Alliance (or something very similar to that): it was a motley collection of mostly small and ineffectual alliances who did not like warfaring alliances like Defiled Forest.
This cold war progressed on and off for some months with occassional clashes. During that time Defiled Forest grew to add an academy (renamed Defiled Forest South when they were no longer learners). Defiled Forest South went to war against the renamed Forerunners, I don’t remember why. Around that time Defiled Forest was at war with Lynx and I left Defiled Forest to secure our western flank and founded Defiled Forest West to secure control of O36.

Defiled Forest West

Once I had two people join me from DF South and recruited a handful of others in the new waters of O36 we selected the biggest alliance there and went to war with them less than a month after DF West formed. The enemy had claimed on their alliance profile that they were the rulers of O36 so I declared war on them saying that we would decide that through trial by combat. After a few days of coordinated attacks on their leader he deserted them! He went into vacation mode and never heard of again. We attacked their other strong members and within a few weeks their alliance dissolved with most of them choosing to join us. O36 was ours.

Cleaning Our Oceans

Towards the end of DF West’s war in O36 one of our smaller members and one of those from the renamed Forerunners were attacking each other. As we would soon be ready for another war I wrote to their leader SIERRA259 to let him know that as our member was attacked we would now be at war. About a week later we commenced our attacks in earnest.
After we had battled for a while we needed to finish the war off. Defiled Forest was largely busy with BLACK SEA so I devised an operation for DF West and DF South (plus DF members who were able to divert some resources from the BLACK SEA war). That operation was known as Sea Storm. I’m glad bodnapa remembers Operation Sea Storm because I remember it fondly – we had a lot of fun with it. After letters to their members and waiting a few days for tension to build (and to let some desert to us) I unleashed the fury of two oceans worth of DF alliances at once. Their alliance was smashed.
Some of them joined us and others went to Blood of Death so we attacked and destroyed them as well. Towards the end of that last war for O36 and O46 some of the then Red Dragon Reclaimers and Blood of Death members did something that I don’t think has been done anywhere else in Grepolis. They disappeared! I remember calling it the Indian Rope Trick at the time after the famous magic trick from the sub-continent. They had left large and sometimes multiple cities to restart elsewhere in Omicron. Those that remained joined the various DF alliances.

The Deserters and My Departure

As all our enemies in O36 and O46 had been destroyed I went on a few weeks vacation (my wife was ill as well). When I got back there was not much to do. Then a couple of our members deserted so we cleaned up their cities in O36 and O46 but due to distance, and the support they recieved from their new alliance, we could not eliminate them entirely as they had established a couple of cities in O45.
With no threats to DF West I authorised colonies (previously banned in favour of conquest) so that we could move into O35 and especially O45 (which was the frontline against BLACK SEA). With 40+ cities I started my first colony and then a few more. I finished with about 50 cities having reached a rank in the top ten (I think #8). I had to leave suddenly as my wife was ill at the time.

And Now?

Now I have joined Olympia (almost four weeks ago) under a new name and the alliance I joined has reached #1 in my ocean and #1 in that world. Let’s hope we can keep that position.
Perhaps I will follow the path of peace in that new world and start up a pact like the United World Alliance. I only have one city so maybe I should start by building a colony in a nice quiet part of Olympia. Or maybe not (


In the beginning

I started this game halfheartedly out of boredom, soon I learned and became quite addicted, when I started my own small alliance and began recruiting, I soon realized that the bigger I became the more attention I would attract, so I began to look around for othe alliances that were a little bigger than myself, using the members I had as leverage to gain entrance, Soon I worked out a deal with STORM


once I had become a leader in storm I continued to recruit, (which I would say is my best talent in the game), I grew STORM to such a degree that we reached out member limit and had to seperate into two alliance, the leaders at the time trusted me and put me in charge of the second alliance, it was a territorial split, O46 was with me, O56 was the original, at this point I had about 28 members, and had a strong foot hold in O46, this was when I was approached by the forerunners.

Defiled Forest South

now being "allied" with the forerunners and a few other small O46 alliances, I had a strong hand in the ocean, I used this to gain favor with DF, this was easy due to DF being in constant war to the north in O45, I gave them info on Ops that the forerunners where running, and began to gain more and more allegance with DF, I finally made the offer to turn ST0RM into DFS, at this they sent 1 member to join us and with that member I continued to grow the alliance and we eventually went to war with any alliance in O46. This was not difficult, my memberships grew, I used trechery and coercion to force others to join us, I was a bully so to say. Finally after the forerunners and a few Other small O46 alliances fell, I continued the growth South and West. Soon I moved several members to the Main alliance, and yet still outgrew our member limit. After talking to a few DF members, we decided to expand West and several of my members located primarily in O36 split off and took that ocean, I assigned a new leader to DFS and moved to the main alliance myself. After warring with BS and TU, I gained much respect for thier tactics, alot of the old DF leaders kept leading, and to be honest I grew tired of trying to plug the holes in the ship, I had the highest ABP on anyone in the alliance and before my Treason was ranked 22nd in the world.


I finally worked a deal with BS using my position at DF to gain favor, in one shot, I deleted all the forums, kicked all the players except othe founders and leaders, and left to join BS, then next month I lost every city I had, but was able to stay enough ahead that I could keep my available city slots. Due to a mistrust issue I was kicked from BS, (I understand the trust issue), but I worked to regrow from 1 small city, to a vast arsenal of cities again, and joined Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra

Once I had joined, I began my warring again, reagain much of my lost ABP rating, and was taking cities from both alpha and other allies in the area, I had done so well, I regained my invitation into the newly reformed "EVOLUTION"


once inside I spent much time supporting and attacking and conquesting, but after about a month, my computer died, I was off for 11 days, long enough for my account to go red. I finally got back on and found, most of my cities gone, to be honest at that point I over reacted, and quit the game, so close to victory over the world, I have not played since that day, and have little intention of starting again. The only reason I came on was the curiousity of if EVO won the game.