Manu Forti

Deathwish, i know you from Iota, do you remember me?
I dont know how long you played there?? I was there from the beginning Aug 2010 until Feb 2012...



I dont remember you mate, sorry :(
I was good mates with kgnbmi and a member id D12
How have you bren though?


Looks good so far, alliances that are selective in recruitment will always have the edge as they will not be wasting loads of time explaining the basics to new players. The real ranking is abps so i think this speaks for itself.
1 Insidious 9682
2 Hells Angels 3169
3 Gods of War 2283
4 Keepers of Hell 1906
5 Titans of Baris 1836

points ranking are just numbers as you can see from the following.

1 Hells Angels 125208 101
2 Keepers of Hell 115867 101
3 Cerberus 109110 94
4 Gods of War 102567 97
5 New World Order 79910 80
6 Insidious 78984 44

Looks like a winning formula to me - high average player points,low alliance numbers and 3x the nearest rivals in abps.


Coming to our cities soon? I need to get prepared and set the table! Only roast meat! ;)

Just joking, I want to see a serious alliance growing in Baris!