After a while I decided to come back to grepolis with a fresh new start. I came into this world and noticed some things immediately; there were many Alliances with an high amount of people already. Personal experience lead me that I didn't like those Alliances, most of the times there is too much chaos in there. And one thing that doesn't work within an Alliance is chaos. So the world looked like a one big chaos party for me. Then I realised with a good quote: 'Even in chaos there is order'. So there could be order somewhere. I made this by making an Alliance myself.​

Insomnia is a fresh started Alliance with new and old players. Sharing their experience with the goal to be grow together and build up a strong Alliance. Currently we settled down at Ocean 36.

There are some requirements for joining our group of Grepolians:
-Be active (we will check it several times)
-Willing to help others
-Be in Ocean 36
-Have respect for eachother

Democracy, that's one of the things we're trying to handle in Insomnia. Everyone his vote counts. We're all here to play, so we all have the right to speak up for ourselves and have some might in what we do.

Are you interested in joining Insomnia?
Contact those players ingame:

I'd like to close this thread with just one sentence left:
Insomnia, it tears you apart!

Excuse me for my English, I'm not a born Englishman
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I would like to say a few things about our alliance as well.

To be honest, I wasn't planning on joining any alliance for the first month or so because none seemed very serious in O36 and I have no interest in being a member of a MRA or any other mediocre group of players.

Jexiathz contacted me yesterday and told me about his alliance, which seemed different that the other alliances in our ocean and that really attracted me. He gave me leader rights believing I could help with my experience and activity in the game, and I'm very thankful for that opportunity.

Now, a bit more about the alliance itself.

We don't recruit everyone and no one in our alliance is has a permanent spot.
We are trying to build a cohesive group of players who work together and are well coordinated in all their actions.
One of the things I find most important is alliance forum activity and for that reason we have a well organized alliance forum in which all our members are required to be active.

Ocean 36 is not in the core, there are many mediocre alliances around us, and that's exactly why we see this as a great opportunity to make big things happen with this alliance.

If you're in O36, are an active player, speak good English and know what TEAM means, feel free to contact me or Jexiathz for joining our alliance.



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Any words on the personal experinece of the leaders?


I was a leader in Dominion and then one of the highest ranked members in VRoD in world Kappa before I had to quit the game for family reasons.

I believe everyone with a history in Grepolis remembers VRoD.

Jexiathz played on Dutch servers, I've never played there and can't say anything about that.


Any words on the personal experinece of the leaders?
A good question my friend.
As nestorZ said, I've played on the Dutch servers and wanted something else.
In this time on the Dutch server I've played in multiple worlds and have been in multiple alliances.
There, in those alliances, I've met and played with some guys who I'll never forget (One of them is considered the best of the dutch servers, he was it definitely in my opinion). They taught me multiple tactics and different ways to look at the game. In this time I gathered a lot of information and sharred it with my fellow alliance members. This made me finally a guy with some might in the alliance. And I've always played in alliances with max 20-30 members, so I don't want anything else.
So after all; I've some experience in the game and to be specific also in alliances.
If you feel interested in how we played and what we did in those alliances, you can always message me ingame.
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Wayward Angel

Looks solid! Good luck neighbors! (I'm in Ocean 35)