Interview With a Legend (In his own mind, at least)


I found this article in the latest issue of "Fat Guys Who Got Game".... and whaddya know-- It is an interview with our very own Thane Badger.... Have a read:


(Fat Guys Who Got Game): "Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Thane D. Badger, notorious gamer and eater of donuts... Here comes Thane now... Welcome Mr. Badger!"

(Badger): "Hey."

(FGWGG): "Glad you could make it... Have a seat... Do you think that seat will be big enough? You're quite a large fellow"

(Badger): "I'd prefer to just lay on the floor... I pass a lot of gas.. .and it is less painful this way"

(FGWGG): "Sure, whatever.... Thane, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you weigh?"

(Badger): "I'm about 4 Bills"

(FGWGG): "And I notice you are eating right now, any health concerns?"

(Badger): "nom-nom------ nope."

(FGWGG): "OK, let's jump in..... you are currently spending a lot of time playing Grepolis, correct?"

(Badger): nom-nom..... yup"

(FGWGG): "Please elaborate..."

(Badger): "I'm the top dog in the most kick-butt alliance... I am God in Omega!!"

(FGWGG): "You're not very humble, are you Thane?"

(Badger): "What's that mean... you want me to speak louder?"

(FGWGG): "OK, right... moving on.....We know you have a close group of players in... The Northern Alliance, right? I'd like to list their names and you tell me the first thing about them (that comes to mind)"

(Badger): "OK"

(FGWGG): "Cassady"
(Badger): "Fat"

(FGWGG): "Momsbasement"
(Badger): "Whiner"

(FGWGG): "duramor"
(Badger): "sexy"

(FGWGG): "Khazmo"
(Badger): "Hermaphrodite"

(FGWGG): "crashjones"
(Badger): "intelligent, handsome, witty, dangerous..... "

"OK, that's quite enough on Crash..... tell us about your end-game strategy"

(Badger): "Pretty simple... Betray all our alliances.... starting with Great Warriors, then moving on to Warlords and those fools at Havoc...... then we kill those idiots in ownage... then we win"

(FGWGG): "Any regrets Thane?"

(Badger): "uh...... there was that one night down on the farm..... I'm sick of my mates going "Baaaaaahhhh" every time they see me"

(FGWGG): "Right.... on that note, we conclude our interview with Thane. Join us next week when we sit down with notorious recluse Photakis and discuss his marshmellowy physique as well as his love of the color pink"


I assume your mummy has put a porn filter on your computer therefore you have to use Grepolis to sexually arouse yourself.

Can you not get a playboy magazine off one of the other boys at school?