Ok so INVICTA think you can sneakily attack Enigma. Never going to happen we lost one city from a player miles away from any real help but in any case we still were able to get a city of there's before the day was done.

Now that Enigma's boys in 046 have turned there attention from moving to more pressing issues to INVICTA. It looks like all INVICTA members Enigma decide to attack are running to VM, I myself have attacked 3 players who have I have either caught before they went into VM or was just a little late. I would like to name and shame these cowards and I will :).

There oh so great leader Roystopolis was the first then it was,
  • yick
  • fyrmn14

I think there will be more but all you guys that play in TAU how come we have allowed these 3 players to become this big. They have no experience at all in defending or dodging I have taken a city from 2 of these players and honestly my timing was terrible. I hope I am wrong because I like a challenge but honestly can't see it coming from these guys.



Invicta are un co ordinated
They had all the time and built loads of LS nukes etc
and randomly dissolved pact and unleashed all out attacks on all our Ocean 46 and Ocean 47 memebers, i my self took over 100+ attacksin two days.

And from what i have seen from it all was that we lost one city in ocean 46 correct me if im wrong.
I have sent CS'S and timing has been terrible due to work hours.
And still succeed after leaving a 2 HOUR gap before any support arrived lol

Also i have players sending me their support from Invicta completly random 200 briems here and 32 briems there in support when i have no incoming attacks.

What makes me laugth is i just keep hold of them and some times players for get to recall them and then when others attack me they sink other players support sent to me lol
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By going into vm they're just making it easier to pick off their other members. They gotta come out of vm sometime though, we'll be waiting ;)
I believe the city in 046 lost was mine, still don't know how he snuck a cs in their without me noticing...i only noticed when i got the notification telling me he'd conquered it :D


Yer for some reason i dint notice some attacks until i got notifications :/
Ah well 100+ attacks on just two citys and they couldn't even clear them ha :)
They Lost so many land units transport ships out to sea was amazing good BP for me.

Is true by being in VM is making it easy for us to take members who are active as they are not getting the support they need and attacks on us have calmed down so we can just keep building and launching.

We taking more citys in last minute attacks after taking some big beatings than they could after fully building for WEEK'S whilst Under pact lol. :pro:


only player i seen shining through so far is Sweetdoog,well done that man,looking forward to the rest of the story to unfold,let the games comence