Invite, Kick, or Conquer


Jesus, is it our job to kick or conquer one of them? :eek:

Just call me Bratzer ;)

And.. yeah I think that was the correct thing to do here. I am lucky enough never to have crossed with these members, so my ranking is based on ABP's.

Invite: BatVanio (1112708)
Conquer: Jamescrackcorn (1012958)
Kick: Komagos (829965)

Top 3 people in O37: DirtyG , BUBBA4268 & KING OF GARDEN FORD


is it people from my alliance or anyone.
if its my alliance i would-
KICK-Me, im such a noob
CONQUER-Touranorium, i think he only has defensive units so it would be hard
INVITE-Kiryoz/Pjso70 cause they were in the ocean i was in so if they joined i would have someone to work with.