Is Trust Dead?


I will never trust this player again. This player and I had an agreement she (and all her gold traders of approx 25 players from Barbarians) would trade gold and be protected under our alliance's banner until gold had dried up. We were to prioritise her trades and would be able to take her city/cities when she left. We welcomed her, we bought her resources before any other and we protected her. She lived among us as one of our own.
How did she repay us?
She began by trying to break her agreement. She wanted to SELL us cities, the cities she agreed to give us? 5k Gold for a city? Of course she was laughed down in our forum. One of our players reported her and she received a 1 week ban.
My opinion on the ban is irrelevant, Innogames rules are clear - "No Selling Cities". She returned, I accepted her back to hand-off her cities. She was not pleased because we "cost her a week of trading". Strange..... I thought she was the one who broke the rules of her own free volition and she'd have been dead weeks before if it wasn't for us (we'd have eaten her) so she got longer than she should have. Subsequently she decided to repay us by giving away her main city to our greatest rival, right in the middle of our core. Not only this but she offered me any of her cities when she was already in revolt and knew she had no intentions of giving me "any city". I quote from the message she sent to me, "if u want any of mine (cities)here just tell me to build it up".

So thank you Nassk for showing us your lack of integrity, morals and honesty and thank you for betraying our trust.
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Fyi- it's a she,lol



well we know him as he.
in dimale he took many cities and many passed without any gold.

i do not have any major problems with him.


You say "many" in what would seem a show of support. You could say "all", but chose not to. Coincidence perhaps.
If you go swimming in a shark cage one morning and the shark leaves you alone this does not mean the shark will leave you alone every morning and just like when the shark does take a bite, when the trust is gone you never fully recover.