Pnp Island [island]180010[/island]


Can't we just enjoy a good even war without cuddling for once?

and come on team, ofc we knew that war was imminent from day 1, this war is fairplay and FINALLY for the love of god we are having a fun time without facing giant coalitions etc

game on guys
abit unfair the ban was attackable but what can ya do:p
First you can do is get urself some manners, then buy some humility, after that you can leave the server and stay gone ..

The language in your pm are horrible and i hope you leave .

You are an active part of everything that is wrong with any computer game ever .

Stay fluffy
Stay blocked
Get educated


im not going anywere booho i lost 17 citys lol well done yous took my citys while i was banned ive learned my lesson wont open my mouth again not my fault yous are extremly childish and sensitive who reports someone to get them banned over an argument? like why would you even do that