Announcement [Ithaca] Congratulations to the alliance The Basterds



The Basterds

We would like to congratulate the alliance The Basterds and all its members on their victory in world Ithaca with the completion of their fourth world wonder.

We would also like to thank everyone who played world Ithaca for their time spent on Grepolis, and we hope you enjoyed playing.

The alliance The Basterds has won with the construction of the following wonders:

Each alliance member was rewarded with a certificate of victory and a bonus 10% extra favor cap on the hero worlds.

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Party time!

Seriously though, this was my first world and time there will be special to me.
The alliances I was a part of at various times were never the greatest, but everywhere I went was with friends and onto greater places until we ended up where I always knew we would, in the best alliance in Ithaca.
Congrats. This was my first world when I started playing just over a year ago, and although I didn't do very well or stay very long I learned a lot and met some good people.


Congratulations The Basterds on your victory in world Ithaca with the completion of your fourth world wonder. Some of your players are my team mates in alliance Republica when I was playing in world Ithaca.

Well done guys! :D


hehe it was a really great time.I had fun playing with the Basterds.I look forward to meet you in some other world