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Ithaca Informer
Welcome Ithacans, this is the 6th and possibly last edition of the Ithaca Informer due to only 25% of the messaged people answering. Anyway tonight we have interviews with gokillanoob3 of Deus Ex Birema and Tepis of Grimm Sleepers. As always any criticism is welcomed but run it through me not any other names mentioned in this paper.

Top 12:
2.Deus Ex Birema
3.As Athens Burns
4.Inglorious Basterds
5.Grimm Sleepers
6.Extraordinary Gentlemen
8.Dark Anarchy
9.New Model Army
11.Assassin Nation
12.The Avengers

1.Deus Ex Birema
3.As Athens Burns
4.Inglorious Basterds
6.Grimm Sleepers
7.Dark Anarchy
8.Extraordinary Gentlemen
9.New Model Army
12.Assassin Nation

Interview with gokillanoob3
When did you decide to attack Riot?
We gained the intel first of there plans to attack about 2 weeks ago, at first I didn't take much notice as I thought it was the informer looking to try PACT with us, then a few more people informed me of the same thing so we got curious of what was happening. In the end Dux Vox gave us the details after deciding Riot was not as good as they make out.

Were you planning to attack at all?
When we first made the PACT we decided we split the world in half when we have conquered our sides we would war. Then after the info of there plans, we organised attacks quickly and away our revolts and CS went.

How active are your players?
Well how active they are is summed up by the fact most of them never use the log out button, I no I havent in the last 3 days

Where do you see your alliance in 1 month? Still Fighting?
I dont want to sound to cocky but I think it will be over in one month, if not well before. I have had 4 members of Riot already ask me about switching sides, they are scared and they have no organisations, the current count of 02/04/12 22:55 is 10 cities taken to there zero. I do hope they sort things out and get on form because its a joke at the minute to be honest , we all expected much better.....

Interview with Tepis of Grimm Sleepers
Is Grimm Sleepers a remake of Grim Sleepers which failed?
- I don't know, this question must be answered by the founders

What are your views on the Top 12?
- Top alliances by points it's not very important, what's important that the members on alliance always helping each others. If we got more that 100 members but only 10-20 members who always response to each others, then what use of making alliance with 100 members++. I think that alliances on Top 12 not always had a good teamwork.

Where do you see your alliance in 1 month?
- Maybe will grudge for Top 5, I don't know yet. let's just see for this question. =)

Are you pleased with your alliance?
- The answers is yes, we always help each others.

jacobst333 Alliance Talk
For those of you who do not already know, Kanga has quit and I found a replacement for his section in jacobst333. his is his first article so be nice. Any ideas/criticism send a message to me.

This week, Riot is in first. Riot recently passed the two million mark. DeB is in second place. Riot is far ahead of Deus, but DeB has the better average by a lot. As Athens Burns is in third. The top half of AAB has lots of BP, but the bottom half doesn't have a lot. Extraordinary Gentlemen is in fourth.This is an active alliance that, like AAB, hasn't attacked much recently. Inglorious Basterds is in fifth place. This alliance is active, but has some players it could kick. Grimm Sleepers is in sixth. Even though Minoan Knights is merging into Grimm, Grimm still has a high average. In seventh place is Republica. Republica should lower its player count because it has plenty of inactive members. In eighth is Dark Anarchy. Dark Anarchy has almost no BP. ALLIANCE OF TAURUS is in ninth. AOT is mainly made of active players but has some players it could kick. Assassin Nation is in tenth. This alliance has a mediocre average and barely ever attacks. In eleventh is New Model Army. NMA is an active alliance that should start attacking more. In twelfth is The Avengers. The Avengers is active and needs to attack much more often. LEGION OF CHAOS is in thirteenth. LoC is mainly active but should kick some members. The Odyssey is in fourteenth. This alliance is starting to look like a MRA. Spectre is in fifteenth. This alliance has a low player count and high average. Expect this alliance to climb up the rankings soon.

Riot and Deus declared war on each other. So far Deus is clearly winning, but who knows what will happen in the future. Also, Assassin Nation and Athenian Glory are at war with Grimm Sleepers. Grimm is winning both wars.
Projected Top 15 Next Week
2. Deus ex Birema
3. As Athens Burns
4. Inglorious Basterds
5. Extraordinary Gentlemen
6. Grimm Sleepers
7. Republica
8. Dark Anarchy
9. New Model Army
11. Assassin Nation
12. The Avengers
13. Spectre
15. Extra Mortal Basterds

This has been jacobst333 on the alliance rant.


Battle of the SuperPowers
This week, Riot declared war on Deus Ex Birema publicly, however few know what really happened. Here is some insight into whats happening. downy recently posted a PnP on how Riot would defeat Deus, followed by a set date of the war (April 3rd). Just before that Riot member Dux Vox quit Ithaca after apparently leaking information to Deus. In an interview with Dux, he denied leaking any information to Deus. After talks with Deus Ex Birema, Riot leader Ituralde managed to secure a 2 week advancement in the war (postpone). However very soon all Riot members got a message from gokillanoob3 stating...
Hello all Riot members, its time we return the favour to you all. Your kind leaders were nice enough to leak there plans of war to us, even though they backed out at the last minute after realising it was a bad idea to fight us, and one leader made a very nice PnP on the externals showing how you were so much better. Well we have had enough of your backstabbing and disorganisation, it is time to see if we are both worthy alliances of this world.

Its only fair to inform you of everything, Ituralde had agreed with me to fight you in 2 weeks time, when you were ready to try and beat us, well Im sorry but we can not wait that long for the blood shed, so our PACT is now terminated.

You will be seeing me in 12 hours

This has been followed by various posts on the externals such as in the Wars thread an gokillanoobs PnP. These point out an obvious bias saying statistics like 10-0 in conquests. While these facts may be true the Riot members are still shocked by a war they didn't know was happening and a few disagreed on taking part in. So yes Riot do need to get their act together but they shouldn't see this as a definate loss, but as a slow start.

Betting Competition
This is very simple. Place your bet on who will win the Riot vs Deus war and also post a date that you think the war will be over by. Winner gets a special surprise!!!

Just a standard lotto. Pick any number from 1-20. Winner gets +REP and a special request.

And that is all we have for this issue. I will try to keep the paper going, anyone who would like to help contact me.
Any persons offended by comments, pictures or views in this paper must contact their lawyers before approaching AA. Anyone who does not have a lawyer will be shown the door and maybe -REP.


7.Nice one AA.Left Ithaca so I now find out whats happening there by this newspaper.+rep


Loving the issue +rep

but you say im been biased with the stats, they are what they are. Riot had talked there plans within leadership for several weeks, it is there own fault for not preparing there members......


Nice job. I really hope his isn't the last issue. Lottery tick number 7, and Deus will have won in 2-3 weeks I believe. Maybe sooner.


Loving the issue +rep

but you say im been biased with the stats, they are what they are. Riot had talked there plans within leadership for several weeks, it is there own fault for not preparing there members......

Even you can't deny that your PnP isn't slightly biased, as all PnPs are


Well yer it is, but we had no returning attacks so not sure what I was meant to use lol


DeB in a month.
My lottery pick is three

Also, since you are from Riot, AA, didn't you get that message from GoKillaNoob3???


I am from The Odyssey. We are less a MRA now. We have begun to kick players and "encouraging" players to gain points.