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Ithaca Informer
Welcome all forum goers and Ithaca players especially to the second issue of the Ithaca Informer. We have a new writer Kanga who will be doing alliance talk, criticism and wars. This week we only have 2 interviews yet again, lack of responses is to blame. Next week we will have an interview with cyprus63 for sure though. This week we have Scotzman of Myriad and the other with ConisBrough of Republica. So enjoy!!!

Alliance Rankings
1.Superium Legacy
4.Deus Ex Birema
6.Inglorious Basterds
7.*Black Angels*
8.As Athens Burns
10.Grim Sleepers

Alliance Attack Battle Points(AABP)
1.Deus Ex Birema
2.Superium Legacy
3.As Athens Burns
6.Inglorious Basterds
11.Grim Sleepers
12.Revolt of Death

Interview with ConisBrough of Republica
Why did you join Republica?
Do you have any previous experience and on what servers?
Where do you want yourself to be in 1 month?
Where do you see your alliance in 1 month?

I was a member of Biohazard which was collapsed by a man who conned himself to be leader. He is actually a member of Blood Thirst but is now with Grim Sleepers. This can be seen if you check his profile. Check out the hound.
The other answers will be of no interest or help to you.

Interview with Scotzman of Myriad
Why did you join Myriad?
I founded Myriad Dec 2010 on Lambda with some close friends, we always planned to join a new World and Ithica had identical settings to lambda but with a higher alliance Cap, we moved here the day it opened bringing over half the original alliance from Lambda.

Are you pleased with Myriads growth?
This is a difficult question to answer, yes i am happy with the growth but it's never to the level we wanted - we had been gearing up for a move at the start of March, Ithica opening as early as it did because Lambda had been won was a bit of a shock move, we're currently involved in some large wars on Lambda still.

What is Myriads long term goals?
The same as most alliances i expect, we're here to make a dent in the world - we're a good team and if you look at our stats we're a capable alliance the players are dedicated and we're making Ithica our main focus and giving up on Lambda which i think is going to make a large difference.

Where do you see Myriad in 1 month?

I see Myriad taking a small dip this week while we evict some inactive people who grew quick and then left for the hero world, it was always going to be a problem but at the same time i see Myriad showing everyone they really mean business when we start to take cities, we've got a great proven team and we are looking forward to the challenge of the world, there's a lot of great players and alliances out there and i promise to see Myriad right in the middle of it having fun.

Kind Regards


Kanga's Alliance Rant:

Even though the world has only just begun, many of the alliances have already declared war on each other. Seems a little silly to me, making enemies this early, but that's just my opinion.

This week, the Minion Alliance (now called Minion Knights) declared war on Duex ex Birema. I personally think they're biting more than they can chew, but they seem adament that it was a good decision. I messaged their leader on this, and he didn't give many comments on the situation. Both sides have top-page allies, who will probably be sucked into the fight soon enough. On the Duex side, is Superium Legacy, who recently boosted their average points by a staggering amount. Have they been trimming, or simply working very hard? I don't know, but whatever they've done hasn't shifted them from the top spot on the rankings! On the Minion side, is Val Di Compare. Val used to have the #1 spot, but have since been a little slack on activity. Many of their members are really trying hard, but that phrase "You're only as strong as your weakest link" has definitely shown within them.

Many of the top alliances have already passed the 1k average point mark, which is showing just how determined these alliances are. The top four are even above the 100k mark, (At the time of writing this) and many other alliances are close. Total points is definitely no show when it comes to the middle of the top 12, since they're all really close!

Predictions: This week my predictions are pretty simple. Superium Legacy will stay number one, Duex will jump from 4th to 2nd, Val Di COmpare will stay 3rd and IMMORTALS will fall to about 6th. Republica are holding their position, but it doesn't look like they're going to climb higher any time soon. Inglorious Basterds may climb above Republica if they try really hard, but getting further ahead will be a great challenge for them. *Black Angels* will continue to fall, Myriad will fall too, and Nike will take the spot that Angels and Myriad dropped from.

This has been Kanga, on the Alliance Rant!~

Don't Underestimate our skill

Turbulent times in Ithaca (Story)
As the nations grew stronger and stronger they warred. A vast nation simply known as Grim Sleepers was one of the first to drop the hammer on an alliance. As a result, the mighty nation of Blood Thirst has fallen collapsing on itself and migrating into other alliances. At first, this great victory was thought useful, but behind the ignorant leadership could there a be a secret member devoted to extracting vengeance on Grim Sleepers? The warriors of Deus Ex Birema power on through enemy towns plundering, burning and massacring troops. An anonymous Hoplite from an anonymous town had this to say
"They have come, with their sharpened spears and deadly rocks knocking at our doors, the government has done nothing yet 15 000 of our troops have suffered as a result!"

This weeks game will be a questionnaire.
Whoever gets the most correct will win, if theres a tie the randomiser will become useful again. The answers will be obvious:)
Questions and answers
1.Can fat people go skinny dipping?

2.Why is the word "abbreviation" so long?

3.Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?

4.If a mute swears, does his mother wash his hands?

5.If a turtle does not have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
Send your answers to Australian Army so noone can steal them!

And thats it for another issue of the Ithaca Informer. We hope you enjoyed this issue and make sure you have fun and try not to get rimmed. Most of you probably cant wait till I get rimmed because I will cry!
Any persons offended by this paper or answers by people who were interviewed can raise the issue with me because they have no responsibility what was posted and/or used as I edit it if its innapropriate for audience.
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^^ I think the threat of you getting rimmed is minimal :p