July update 2013


Hello all,

(I mean no disrespect or try to offend anybody with what I'm writing here. This is my personal opinion and observation of the matters ongoing in Ephesus)

Ephesus is more or less at it's end. After another long a close fight between AE vs. vVv, vVv finally got the 7xLevel 10 wonders, and are currently holding them steady. I guess that in the near future people will slowly vanish (either by ghosting or trying to handover.) Nonetheless it has been a long and great fight that took many different turns of events.

I have had the chance to make some great friends during this looooong Ephesus lifetime. Both people I played with and those that became frenemies. During this time I have learned to honor some for their statistic mind and gameplay, but there are still some that I still think of as 'easy targets'. Some are fast learners, some are busy irl, anything can really turn the table for any player. It's hard to keep track and keep personal data on everyone who you might be up against, but it has been great fun. This should basically become an analyst education with all the damn data collecting from reports online stats pages etc. etc. We even had one player who built he's own 'Athena' from all the collected data that could update every hour, even every minute if we wanted it too. Grepolis is one thing, but the data collecting and researching on all players is an entirely another case. Been tough to get all what was needed. Even to figure out if someone is a family person or a unmarried/single person makes such a difference in the offensive and defensive strategies. I have personally had a blast with all of it. The studies of onces enemies almost is scary with the amount of information people are able to gather against one another, almost 'spy', FBI, CIA level if not higher with some of the information and research that is being done through figuring out offline hours or work hours. Hehe. Been a blast really.

Current state:
The world of Ephesus is probably at the ghosting rate of 30-35%, but there are still fighting going on, so that this world can come to it's end. My bet is that Ephesus will meet it's final call for life within 3-4 months if not sooner.

As said vVv currently holds all seven level 10 wonders and fighting is still going on, but also the fighting will at some point slowly vanish. In other words the countdown on Ephesus' final chapter has begon.

End words:
For me it has truly been a blast. To all the different people I have had the chance to meet from around the world, to those I can only say it has been an honor playing with you or against you. I'll be around until Ephesus finally will be shut down.

Ps. Coltforty5: It has been some great battles we have had back and forth. I hope that we one day again will have the chance to fight again. Or that we join forces one day and get to do the most insane offensive crew Grepolis yet haven't seen. :)

To the rest of you all it has been an honor.
Best regards