Just Business

A Sense of Place

I will be starting an alliance in Delphi called "Just Business". It is going to be an alliance that has active and aggressive players that can play the game but understand this is just a game and have fun.

Why You Should Join This Alliance:
Don't be discouraged by the fact that the initials are the same as Justin Beiber's, this alliance is going to be hardcore. We will start in one ocean and slowly conquest our way into others. This alliance will not be an MRA and will kick players if they are inactive. This alliance is going to be aggressive and after bp ends players without bp will be given a warning and kicked if they continue to play like they'd play sim city. This is an alliance that will go to the top because we can fight, and for those of you who enjoy defeating MRA's, I expect to defeat at least five major before one week of bp is over. ;)

What Is Expected Of You:
As a member in this alliance, you are expected to:
>Be on everyday for at least half an hour.
>Participate in the forums, even if it's just the spam section.
>Have a stable army ready to support or attack players when asked to.
>Follow all alliance rules
>Know the game basics (if someone tells me you've attacked them with 5 archers you can be sure you're out of the alliance.
>Not be a crybaby
>Have fun playing the game!
There may be more to come.

To Join:
To join you must:
>Agree to start into our starter ocean
>Know how to play if it is your second world
>Be generally liked by people
>Everyone was a noob at some point, so if it is your first world you can join but will be closely monitored
The first 15 people to pm me will be on the list, the rest will be put on waiting until the alliance limit is decided.
*Once the game actually starts this will become much more detailed.
pm me to join

Not until after bp, and we will probably not pact if you're in our ocean.

Not decided until I see where everyone else is starting.

Member List:
A Sense Of Place
Lux Tenebris

And remember, if we kill your troops, conquer your cities, or even destroy your alliance, don't be upset, remember it's "Just Business" :cool:
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As the founder of a Corinth alliance that structures itself based on a business model, I can only say good luck, and that I'll be watching closely :)

A Sense of Place

I'm talking about the kind if business that has the ping pong tables in the middle of the office ;)

If that's a real thing...

A Sense of Place

join and this will be our meeting room....
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You should add you have to hate Justin Bieber to the member requirements. That way I can message your players with youtube songs of him and get them to attack me. That way I have militia and I'm ready. I like BP.