Just what are we allowed to talk about?

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I took a break from the externals for a bit...and out of slight spite for the removal of my "gossip" thread...but that's ok, I can forgive you Fig for doing that...it did get quite "evil" for a bit.

In returning...I have noticed EVERY thread relating to Abdera has been closed, shut down, "refurbished"...take your choice of different terminology.

I am quite confused.

Perhaps, since you are doing such an excellent job of the role of "Principal of Abdera", you could inform all of us in attendance to your "etiquette posting school" of your expectations?

Frankly, I have never seen a mod take such an active interest in a particular world as you have in this one...nor in regulating it to the degree that you have.

If perhaps you can enlighten us with your "expectations"...


People keep discussing cheating, making off-topic posts, etc... which is not allowed. Discuss on-topic things and do not break the rules.
On that note, thread closed. PM me if you need an additional explanation.
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