Kappa 4 WW winner!


Hello Warriors of Kappa,

They did warn us that they would rule the ocean with an iron fist, and by the gods...they did. The heralds will be busy tonight as it will be hard for sonnets and symphonies to capture the magnitude of their actions. Four WW were controlled and defended by these iron willed battle brothers and maidens. Despite being the public enemy of all they managed to conquer their foes.

Congratulations Public Enemy


The Grepolis Team


Thank you very much !
I'm sure that in no time we will present to you also some other "certificate" and "badge" in Kappa World, because we didn't stop at 4 WW, we hope that we will achieve all 7 WW very soon. That will be a celebration :) We as Public Enemy will be very gratefull to The Grepolis Team if you can arrange some fireworks for us when that happen ? Drinks are on us ;) entrance will be free of charge


Fat camp could have beaten you guys on that world if only we had stayed hahaa
good job PE was fun


JP theres no need for bantering in this place, u know pllz dont come here anymore.