Inactive Topic Keybinds


Proposal: To have key binds that open certain windows, similar to how the arrow keys navigate through your cities, keybinds could be implemented to quickly switch between map views and buildings etc.

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Haven't checked.

Reason: It may seem lazy but it is very useful when quickly going through your cities when you're short on time and i can't imagine that it would be horrifically difficult to implement.

Details: I think it's fair to make this feature cost Gold. Probably to come with the advisor. The idea has pretty much already been summarised but for example, i could have a key bind for strategic map (Q), Island view (W) and city view (E). Furthermore you could add more features such as Barracks (r) etc. I think these keybinds should be customisable to suit people's needs.

Visual Aids:N/A

Balance: Doesn't affect game play too much and also helps generate gold for Innogames.

Abuse Prevention: This may make it easier for people to use bots on grepo but i'm not aware of how serious a problem this is for Grepo.

Summary: I think this is a pretty neat improvement which although simple would be very useful and would help with navigation.


I love the idea, it's been suggested before, but with no support.

Although, if it's going to be for premium only, you can count me out.


Oh my bad. Didn't know it had been suggested before.
And yeah i know premium only sucks and now that i think about it, it seems like quite an elementary game feature which shouldn't need to be bought...


I like the idea, but I really don't think it should be made a premium feature. Like you mentioned, it's not even terrifically hard to implement and I don't think it's very fair to charge gold for it...


"fair" is it "fair" to charge gold for anything? :p
also there are legal 3rd part tools that do this (check community projects list of approved scripts, quack's toolset)
if this was implemented it would kinda make sense for it to go with admin.