Kingdom of Warriors (KoW) vs Virtus Phoenix (VP)


Hello guys,

VP has been silent for a long time, bidding our time and enjoying the game like majority other players. I won't say how our alliance works, but I know it's very different from many other alliances from observations alone. Over the course of time, we've had many skirmishes with several different alliances, however one skirmish has now developed into a war. This skirmish started through stats on:

2010-03-18 17:18:52 - A city of ours was lost to Kingdom of Warriors. The player who took it from is no longer playing and he went by the name of: NemesisDK. It now resides within the hands of another KoW member (Vajk). We did regain once, but then they took it back.

The battle is still struggling, and so far the stats are this through Grepolis Stats:

VP Colonization List

Since then and the last time this has been updated here is the stats from VP view point:

Conquers: 16
Losts: 8
Re-conquers (Lost the City but took it back since it originally belonged to us): 2
Re-Losts (We Conquered one of theirs, but they took it back): 1

In simplier statistics: (This does not include City History)
Losts: 12

Since the beginning of the war. I personally wrote a letter which I think many of them finally woke up to the realization, we are engaged in an active war. Before that, their leaders even have admitted they did not care about the war. Now more members want a piece of the action from their side. :)

We have went to the tables once. They offered us to merge into them (1-2 weeks ago). The stats had lower numbers, but our conquers were still above theirs (We were ranked lower than them, so really, should they have offered a NAP instead or a merge? I think a NAP).

We have never talked about a NAP, and at this stage, I do not think there ever will be one (Exceptions may be made if something is changed). There is a few players, we will tip our hats off for their game style. I am positive, they feel the same way.

May the better alliance win this war.

Duke of Virtus Phoenix
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