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Hello guys, the 2nd edition of Kos Weekly, hope you all enjoy!!

All right so this will format for this edition and all later editions. We will start with ranking and evaluations, then articles from me and other editors. Then will come interviews. Finally we will have Best/Worst Alliance/Player. I can add jokes or comics if anyone wants to submit some. If you guys have any suggestions for more parts, please message me in-game, Kayfon.

Rankings as of 20:26 1/21/13 server time:
Player Rankings:

Alliance Rankings:

Alliance Attackers:

Alliance Defenders:


The Shadow Force: They have a nice average and a pretty solid core. They have the 3rd highest average among the top 12 and they have 50 members, impressive. But their ABP is really bad, 2929 for the top alliance, not very good. Unless they get more BP, they will be killed off slowly. If they do, they should be here for a while.

Kos Elite and Deus ex machina: They are sister alliances, Combined average is 1654.7, 7th highest average amongst the top 12. Looks decent but I think that the sister alliance thing will destroy them. Combined ABP is 10,285, decent of sister alliances but not great. Will be an average alliance.

AD ALTIORA: 4th highest average. Pretty decent core but close to lots of big players, will be a hard road ahead for them. 6003 ABP, pretty good, will have a good fight for oc55. Hope to see them around.

Elite Trojans: 5th highest average. Another top alliance in oc55, going to be tough to secure their ocean but will give a fight for it. 6180 ABP, quite well for them. They should be here for a while; the question for them is whom will they work with.

DreadFleet: 2nd highest average. Very nice core in oc44. Not much competition in their ocean so it all depends on where they move. 9986 ABP, very nice. They will be here for a while; all depends on how they move to judge how this world will go.

The Mayans: 8th highest average. Another alliance in oc55. Only 4041 ABP, going to be the underdogs even though they have the most players in oc55. Unless they get more ABP and get building fast, they will be slaughtered.

Enter the Dragon: My alliance so I’ll just state facts. Highest average points, highest ABP, a fair amount of DBP a well. Looks solid and should be here for a long time. Big competition for oc55 so we shall see how it turns out.

Vikings: 10th highest average. Based in oc44 so will be fighting Dreadfleet. Unless they can figure out something, Dreadfleet should win. 1767 ABP, really bad for them. They will probably die unless they do something fast.

Chimera: 11th highest average. 2298 ABP, decent considering their a rim alliance. Based in oc65 so won’t have too much action till they move or the core moves out. Better get ready or they are at risk of dying. For now their safe.

Gods of Olympus: 9th highest average. 2804 ABP, bad for them. Based in oc55 so they will see all the action. Should die unless some pacts can be arranged.

The Furious and The Furious II: Lowest average. 2320 ABP combined, bad for their member count. Based in oc55, dead unless there’s pacts. Just more juicy cities for ETD or other bigger alliances.

I didn’t write an article this time, ipod732 did. Thanks for putting the time in to write this:
Hello Kos Weekly. I'd just like to say thanks for allowing me to write a bit Kayfon. So far Kos has been quite bumpy. Rogue player attacking my members, which was immediately taken care of, and well a few other mishaps that had happened within the past 3 days. I don't exactly know what would happen to Kos in the future, but right now things don't look so bright..... We also have another rogue player going berserk on us, and should be taken care of within the next hours or so. I don't exactly know what to write right now since this is on the top of my head, well I'd like to wish everyone good luck.

Just a little something about his alliance. It’s always good to hear about the small alliances for a change ;)


Enter The Dragon:
Kayfon: How does it feel to be the first place ABP alliance?
Sasa Radovich: Very well indid,but that is 1 of our goals right ;)
Kayfon: There's alot of competition for oc55, who do you think is your biggest threat?
Sasa Radovich every alliance in o55
Kayfon: What do you think of Sir-Saint's idea of building till getting to conquest?
Sasa Radovich: dont like idea but that is his strategy...
Kayfon: Do you think Dreadfleet could overcome you in ABP in the future?
Sasa Radovich: Early to say,if we stay in this form with beasts we have very hard.
Kayfon: On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your alliance?
Sasa Radovich: 9+
Kayfon: If you could disband any alliance, which would it be?
Sasa Radovich: Elite Trojans
Kayfon: anything you wanna add?
Sasa Radovich: we and dred are the best at the moment

Well Sasa seems confident in the progress of his alliance. It seems that he wants to take on oc55 and come out victorious, we will see how ETD does I a few weeks time.


Kayfon: How do you feel being the 2nd place ABP alliance?
mattr130: I think that it is a bit early to really be worried about ABP, the true fighting will be done when we are scrambling for cities- what your seeing now is farming with just a taste of BP here & there.

I think we are heading in the right direction however & I am Proud to be the leader of this alliance already- I think this is just a small glimpse of what you will see when the conquest stage comes around. Overall I am happy with our results in BP so far.
Kayfon: Do you think you have competition for your ocean and how ready do you think your members are to deal with this competition?
mattr130: I don't want to say its impossible, however im not impressed at this time- I think we have some of the most veteran players in this ocean & in the world overall.

I think that once the conquest stage comes we shouldn't have trouble rolling over MOST of the alliances in O44, I wish these alliances luck & hope to see some sort of a fight over this ocean!
Kayfon: What's your look on the new Codex alliance?
mattr130: I think that they may have some nice players- but they're leader isn't exactly top notch & I think that he will end up running them into the ground sooner or later.
He promotes spying on other alliances & MRA's so I don't have much respect for the guy to be honest.
Kayfon: What are your views on Sir-Saint's idea of just building for conquest and not getting BP?
mattr130: I see farming as a primary source of resources- if you can't farm your neighbors then how do you expect to grow as fast as others? that's how you get to conquest slower.

I honestly think that his responses of "we aren't looking for ABP we are looking to farm" are ridiculous, because most players that are worth farming will defend they're cities- hence the BP the top alliance's are getting from farming.
Kayfon: Who do you think will give you the most trouble after people start getting conquest?
mattr130: Its hard to say- I think that ETD will give other people a lot of trouble, however they don't seem interested in O44 so we should be fine.

The competition in O44 doesn;t worry me too much so I can't say they will give us trouble- but possibly The Shadow Force??? if they surprise me & can conquer while so spread out & move into O44.

Even then I think our guys are ready for a challenge
Kayfon: How do you think your alliance is doing compared to the top 12?
mattr130: I think we are doing well- we will continue to do good & I think we have some of the most experienced players here in our alliance.

I do however think that ETD will be a real challenge in the long run & it should be fun, however there are many other good alliances out there so I don't want to discredit anyone- I just don't know all of the other alliances yet.

There are some however that look to be MRA's or alliances that won't last long- you know who you are :)

Kayfon: If you could disband any alliance, which would it be?
mattr130: I would have to say Codex- they're leader annoys me & they are what's left of TBH
Kayfon: Anything else you wanna add?
mattr130: I think this will be a fun & competitive world- I hope that we get some real nice alliance's built up & hope everyone has fun with it :)
Comments: mattr130 also seems pretty confident in his alliance’s ability. Their the only good alliance in ocean 44 so they shouldn’t have too much trouble taking that ocean over. We will just have to see how this world goes on to evaluate their future even more.

Kos Elite:
Kayfon: How does it feel to be the 3rd place ABP alliance?
OwenKe: Well, it's still early so it is hard to get too excited about that, but it's a good sign that we're setting up cities to farm as we get geared up for expansion time once Colony Ships come into play. Plus, we want to be aggressive and that's what we're seeing so far.
Kayfon: Why did you start a sister alliance?
OwenKe: Really just a way to get to know other players and it's a good way to see who's a serious player and who isn't.
Kayfon: Do you think this will hinder your development (having to support lower point players)?
OwenKe: Not at all. Battle points should be plentiful. It's always good to have more friends.
Kayfon: Who do you think will be your biggest threat once people get conquest?
OwenKe: You have to think Enter the Dragon are going to be pretty tough. That's a lot of ABP in just the first week so that's impressive.
Kayfon: Your 2nd place in oc45, do you think you have competition for your ocean?
OwenKe: We'll have to see what happens once conquest starts. Right now it's just a game of building and building quickly. That changes when it becomes more about fighting.
Kayfon: How do you think your alliance is doing compared to the top 12?
OwenKe: I like where we are. We're a tight alliance, we're focused on being aggressive and getting to conquest quickly, and right now all that looks acheivable. Plus, we have the sexiest name out there so that's cool too.
Kayfon: If you could disband one alliance, which would it be?
OwenKe: Eh, maybe if that Brotherhood alliance is still around, maybe them.
Kayfon: Anything you wanna add?
OwenKe: Nah, just looking forward to when the real wars start.

Comments: OwenKe seems to think his alliance is on a good start. They do have a sister alliance. We will see if that will hinder their development or strengthen it.

I didn’t get enough time to interview Elite Trojans :(, maybe next time.

Kayfon: How does it feel to be the 5th place ABP alliance?
Mortal-9999: I'm proud of what the alliance has achieved. Without giving too much away, there is a nice balance across the alliance and I think the players are really enjoying it. I didn't come here with any expectation based on previous worlds because every world is different with a different set of players. Onward and upwards AD ALTIORA.
Kayfon: On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your alliance's growth? Explain.
Mortal-9999: It's at least a nine - lot's of players have other commitments as well as alliance duties but have grasped an understanding of what is needed to be a successful alliance and how this will lead to progression in the game.
Kayfon: What do you think will be your biggest threat(s) after most people get conquest?
Mortal-9999: That's a difficult one to answer. I have played many worlds and seen #1 alliances crumble as a result of bad decisions, bad leadership and underestimating other alliances / players.
I guess to be safe we just have to be weary of every other vulture on this server !!
Kayfon: How do you think your alliance is doing compared to the other top 12?
Mortal-9999: Again, don't want to give too much away but I think hard work has been rewarded but there is plenty of work still to do.
Kayfon: What do you think about the new Codex alliance?
Mortal-9999: I have no views either way and I am not one to comment on other peoples alliances. What's important to me is how my alliance performs and conducts themselves. I spoke with kyleli early in the game over other matters and that's that.
Kayfon: If you could disband any alliance, which would it be?
Mortal-9999: It would always be nice to disband the #1 alliance, in this case The Shadow Force but they deserve a lot of credit for being where they and if they continue at the same pace, there will be an interesting dynamic across the map. I have had multiple conversation with sir-saint and whilst outcomes have not always been what we wanted them to be - I am sure we understand each other.
Kayfon: Anything you want to add?
Mortal-9999: No - thanks for your time and patience and thanks to all the other players in the world for making it what it is so far. Speed 1 worlds are always slow to start with but it only gets better.

Oh yeah - I can't believe kekeREAL got a second city before me but a great bit of opportunism on his part !!!!

Comments: Mortal-9999 seems to be very protective of classified information. I respect that and he seems to also feel a good future for his alliance. He's also that kekeREAL got his 2nd city before him, keep trying, you might get your 3rd before him ;)

Best Player:
kekeREAL for getting his 2nd city lightning fast

Worst Player:
Wahoo69 for starting The Brotherhood, the worst MRA in this world.

Best Alliance:
Enter the Dragon (biased) for their highest average points and ABP.

Worst Alliance:
Codex for having the worst ABP ranking ever compared to their average points.

I’m afraid that this is all I have for content this week.
This newspaper is taking a lot of time so I might need some help to get it done. Just this edition took me about 2hrs 30 mins. If you can help me, message me in-game and I’ll give you your job. Thanks guys.

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Hey guys,

I think it would be a good idea if we had a header for this newspaper. I have no experience in this stuff so if any of you guys have the skill to do it, please do, it will make this newspaper much more appealing.


Just a late interview from kyleli:

Kayfon: How's it going running a new alliance?
kyleli: Well, firstly its been difficult to start a full alliance this late into the world, as many other alliances already have a strong core and a solid foundation on what they will be planming. (e.g. Battle plans) But overall, its been a challenging experience to start a worthy alliance under the pressue of those who still attach the label of an MRA upon us, although I have been attempting to not do so and follow in the footsteps of TBH.

I believe by taking those members in TBH that show potential, I can create a solid alliance which I can be proud of. We also have implemented multiple, new things into the alliance such as Voting for leadership, member suggestions, and allowing the members as a whole to make decisons. Afterall, the members are what makes up an alliance.

I hope to allow my alliance to show this world, kos, that we are nothing like TBH.
Kayfon: Your alliance has the 3rd highest average but a very low ABP ranking, mind elaborating on that?

kyleli: I feel as this is only because we are a late starter. Most of the BP that our players get are from their own island, and since most of our members already cleared their islands in TBH, or had the majority of their attacks in TBH, I think it stays in TBH stats. (I could be wrong)
Kayfon: What's the situation with TBH Academy, they seem to still be around?

kyleli: No idea. They are probably being lead by 'rouge' leaders... Or perhaps the majority of TBH and their leaders have fallen back into TBHA and the rest divided amongst other alliance. I have had no contact so I do not know.
Kayfon: If you could disband any alliance, which would it be?
kyleli: I wouldn't go that low, but probably Picky Eaters since they are kind of our enemies. (Theres only us attacking them)
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