KoTR Premade


Knights of The Republic (possible name)

Description: We are an elite group of player here to conqure. We are not here to play simcity we are here to play a war game. We will not acsept pacts until the end of beginners protection.

My experience: I was once the co/founder of Titans Lions, founder of Titans Lions academy, Ledaer in No Mercy. I have player grepolis for more then a year and am experianced, when i was the founder of Titans Lions Academy i made it from a 38000 points alliance to a 150000 point alliance (i started as a normal member in both , we merged back into Titans Lions) On Zeta i have an account called Scurge007 i have 100K and a lot of BP.

Members list:

Possible members:

Possible names:
Knights of The Republic

Position (if you want one):
Are you a sword or shield:
Grepostats link:
Other worlds:
Will this be your main world:
Will you communicate on the forums:
Will you stay till the end or just leave when things get rough:

Founder - [user]Blayz[/user]
Second in command - open
War leader - open
Diplomat - open
Advisor - open
Recruiter - open
Forum moderator - open

Alliance info:
World: Corinth
Location: North-West

If you wan to join PM me or post a comment

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