The battle lines having long been established, the epic war between the #1 ranked Gela alliance Krypteia and their nemesis OCEANS VETERANS wages on. The Oceans of 45 and 55 have turned crimson with all the blood spewn from the many conflicted harbors. The plains have been scorched with the many clashes of brave men on both sides pitted against one another in an endless duel.

So it was just another day when the Krypteian Warlord JamboCaz discovered two of his cities under siege by the hated OCEANS VETERANS.

Judging the amount of incoming enemy support, the Warlord immediately recognized that only one polis may be savable and immediately sent a dispatch to the many friendly outlying cities, requesting immediate attacks against the enemy siege.

Heeding the call, Krypteian lightships were sent alight and devastated the enemy siege with an uncounterable barrage of fire.

After this long lasting assault, the Krypteian fleets managed to make short work of the enemy siege and save the Warlords polis.

It was then decided by the Krypteian Council that saving just one of their beloved Warlords cities was not good enough.

Immediately, and on schedule, Krypteian Sorcerors and Priestesses began casting Earthquakes on the second sieged cities walls.

Again and again, Earthquakes were cast and although the people of the polis knew that it was their friends casting these spells against their city in order to save them, the aggressors were none the wiser, licking their chops and assuming this city would soon belong to them.

With less than an hour left in the siege, the blitz began and the aggressors came to realize that the one city they thought they would conquer for sure, was becoming less and less a reality.

Thus let it be known across the realm: Although it may be possible to place a Krypteian polis under siege, its successful completion is by no means a guarantee.

Note: This is my first PnP. Credit to OV for making it all possible. Thanks for reading ☺
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Edit: I left out an attack.. the biggest one of them all. Just added, the land attack from JamboCaz.. he built it all from scratch during the siege using a level 10 barracks, spells... and a bit of gold :p