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So yeah guys I've managed to get my hands on this sweet top secret stuff from the Krypteia research labs. Check it out. Note that I've made some comments on the document, which can be identified by my distinctive handwriting. I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had.

Krypteia's Secret Research Labs Report

This file is classified top secret.

Here at the Krypteia's Secret Research Labs we work on the latest experimental weaponry and unconventional warfare. Our tests proved that all projects listed below will provide significant advantage to our brave Krypteia soldiers on the battlefield and cause massive damage to our enemies.

(Note: Results may vary - if you're not satisfied just use more gold to make up for it).

1. Krypteia's Research & Assault Project (or KRAP for short)

We have succeeded in engineering a battlefield creature that will make our enemies' hearts stop with fear. It is fearless and cruel and it carries multiple brave Krypteia's soldiers on its monstrous back. This is one of our most ambitious projects and we're eager to test in real battle.

Visual aid to KRAP (viewer's discretion is advised):

Now you guys can probably imagine how scared I was reading this part and watching the abominations disembark from their ships outside the city gates.

Krypteia's testing volunteer was brave commander kostrc. He launched his attack having no doubt of his success. The results were surprising. We're still not sure what went wrong. Further testing required.

2. Krypteia's Lateness & Omittance Circle (or KLOC for short)

This device is completely unique. Nothing even closely similar has ever been seen in the grepo world. It allows commanders to measure time and allow them to time attacks in close succession. Lab tests suggest that this device can be used by lab monkeys (not to be confused with the formidable Capybara monkeys) and still produce satisfying results.

Visual aid to KLOC:

It was tested by brave commander JamboCaz in timing his attack while assisting the brave commander kostrc.

Somehow commander JamboCaz's attack ended up among our support waves. We're still not sure what went wrong. Further testing required.

3. Krypteia's Recon Assistance Personal Suit (or KRAPS for short)

This device may look like paint but it's in fact so much more than paint. It covers a brave Krypteia soldier from head to heels, making them INVISIBLE to the enemy. That's right. They can't be seen. Like, at all. All our lab tests have confirmed that our brave Krypteia soldiers wearing KRAPS can't be seen. In fact I'm wearing one right now. And I can't see myself. Like, at all.

(Note: Might cause strong hallucinations and memory loss)

Visual aid to KRAPS:

We had multiple brave Krypteia soldiers in KRAPS suits observing the enemy forces at the city 03. Dont Get Hurt and all have reported the city to be abandoned. We're still not sure what went wrong. Further testing required.


So that's it guys! Now I have all the info I need to fight Krypteia. Oh and if you're asking how was it possible for me, a simple soldier in the ranks of OCEANS VETERANS, to get a top secret document from Krypteia labs? Simple. Disguise:

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The rawr

OMG!!! this is hilarious! Awesome PnP.....+rep +rep and +rep if this system can let me....this is too good.


Hehe. Very well done bud.

Was funny enough for me to go figure out what my forums password was again :)



Man. I had a key role in designed those top secret weapons! I really don't know how they could have failed.
Maybe they got saltwater in them...:p


Great stuff TK :)

Heads are going to roll if I find out who leaked this CLASSIFIED information from our research lab!


this PNP deserves nothing less than + rep. i would have repped more if the system let me.