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Hi Mr. attention wnb, can i ask you always been banned in first week of new world?
kurb i always look 4 u and few others.i will not be ban here coz i dont play.but i have friends here who will kill many.including u.u avoid me in kappa but even there we dont finished our business.and in eta,ha,ha!u know the story.time will tell...


Now lets see whats happened with these alliances and see if they have succeded.

Penguinz - fallen apart. Fail
Narwhals - still around. In the Top 12, Success
The Bloody Ravens - Still around, In the top 12, Success
Sharkz - still sround, below rank 50 - At least they are still around
Zombie Co. - Fallen apart - Fail
Iunctus - Still around, In the top 12 - Success
The Elite Flame Warriors - Still around, Below Rank 50, At least they are still around
The Orcas - fallen apart, Fail
Guild of Warriors - fallen apart, Still around but amounts to nothing - Fail
38th Night Wolves - Still around, below rank 50, At least they are still here.


Don't forget LTF!!!

Leaders to freedom
Leader: 1JRC16
Direction: West
Member cap:?
Other info: Everyone is welcome. Check out other posts by me, 1JRC16. :)