Lambda Personality of The Month(February)

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Here is where you nominate certain Lambda posters to achieve the greatest honor... +rep

Lambda Personality Contest Rules:
You may nominate only 3 people
Only players in Lambda eligible to vote on the outcome.
No bribing people with +rep. If such tactics are discovered, you will be disqualified from the competition.
Campaigning is allowed. You can make threads about why you should vote for ________

1)Player is nominated by individual.
2)Player is Seconded again by individual.
3)Player enters secondary poll
4)The player then becomes a candidate for that month.
5)The top 10 (or less) people to get voted for are entered into the final poll.
6)Voting of the secondary poll lasts 10 days.
7)Final Poll lasts 7 days at the end, the winner will be announced.

The prize for the winner is as follows.
1) +Rep for the winner from all entrants
2) Bragging rights.

Creds to Mike62 and Jarpenguin.
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What might be coold is to do two poll. The top 4 or 5 are taken from the first then everybody votes on them.
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Okay. Have maybe two rounds of voting then a final round?


Sure if you want to do it that way. Also, considering the activity level of this forum. Raise the time for nominations, otherwise you might only get a one or two.