Learning Njubs O.37

Johnny 07

Hey psi we are learning njubs but we're learning and hopefully will be successful. I think it's time i see what i can do as a leader.You can see in this link i've played for a long time under a top alliance and thought i'll try me luck :) http://www.grepostats.com/world/en6/player/594069 (but decided to play under different name for this world)

Startegy: Econimic, Militant
We prefer troops over buildings but still like a good mix obviously :)

Invites: open, limited, closed
Open anyone in 37 for now but may be subject to change cosidering that you can't lead a 1 person alliance what's the point

Pacts: Open, Limited, Closed

I'll accept your pact as long as it's accompianed by a message and your decently valuable to us

thx for reading
Just quoted from profile lol hope i can round up some intrest groups lol