Letter to a Computer/Server, Ithaca


I have resigned all leadership and diplomatic duties to DeB. So have others. The only point of contact now for DeB is cyprus64. m24 will be assisting him in daily duties. This is the only possible solution to resolve all problems and maintain a level, and sane flow of control in our alliance.

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Lord Leif

And to all those who want it this way (Including myself) I also am no longer in leadership and/or diplomacy. Thank you Len for putting out or at least trying to put out all the fires that I cause. It is a shame that conversations between 2 people can not stay between 2 people and must be passed on to others but obviously I was not a good diplomat or I would have seen that coming. To all the alliances and people I have helped or had discussions with it was great to meet you all. Contact me anytime, just not about diplomacy issues. Now I am free to attack and defend rather than constantly answering PM's...lol

Again Len, Thanks for cleaning up my mess before you resigned.


Seems you's are catching on to all the BS on this server, never seen such a bunch of turncoats as I have seen here. Although I still have contacts with a few and hold no grudges to others but still my points are valid as seems more are learning this too :p


There is BS, treachery, drama, and backstabbing across all servers. It is not just Ithaca and it has increased exponentially since I started playing. I can understand were anyone would get discouraged. Especially being in a position of leadership where actually playing the game takes backseat to diplomatic drama (where you can be sure that anyone you deal with is full of it anyway) and you really end up only playing the game for about 10-20% of the time you are online. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Len.