Letting Harpy's work for themselves.

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Music Loving Chemist.

So I have bought myself 2 Harpy's... I like Harpy's. so now I can farm on other islands in about one third of the time compared to transports. Pretty nice huh? ^^

Everything was good with the world :) until...

"An attack troop has to consist out of at least 29 residents."

So now these Harpy's need a new way to make me earn some silver...
Luckily my mate JP came up with a answer!

[2:43:22] h0llygh0st/MLC.: :D
[2:43:33] h0llygh0st/MLC.: I have 2 Harpy's and they are gay
[2:43:34] h0llygh0st/MLC.: but female
[2:43:37] h0llygh0st/MLC.: And I watch them
[2:43:42] Jp68plus1: thats win!
[2:43:49] Jp68plus1: should charge players silver to watch :O
[2:43:54] h0llygh0st/MLC.: :D
[2:43:55] Jp68plus1: 25 silver per minute!

This is one of the Harpy's, the other was unavailable but they are twins. So you have plenty of visual material to determine whether or not you wish to purchase some viewing time.

This is what happens when I get bored at 3 am in the morning...
[2:51:08] h0llygh0st/MLC.: JP, help me search for a pic of a sexy Harpy
[2:51:14] h0llygh0st/MLC.: Google is failing me :(

Music Loving Chemist.

I scrolled trough 26 pages of Google Image Search before deciding on this one 0o

Music Loving Chemist.

I do like the tattoo's, but those talons could be very tricky to deal with >_<


Maybe if you like it rough ;)
Athena's just Hera with tone and intelligence. In the "rough" category, Athena has nothing on Erinyes.

"Erinyes look like female angels possessed of a more dark, raven beauty than their heavenly brethren. An Erinyes' hair is always black and her eyes are normally dark. Apart from this they have no set features; simply resembling very beautiful, six foot tall mortal women.":) ... yet the ones in Grepolis are red-heads.

"While they may lack the subtlety to be seducers they have such a talent for pain that they make passable torturers. It is rumoured that some of the best erinyes torturers even have techniques to extend their tortures beyond death itself.":eek:

... now that's rough!:D
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I love woman, she is loyal, she is nice, beautiful

+ rep for my true story comment... thanks in advance. =)
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haha lol I got a de rep and it only said "liar" on it.

some people just hate my life :D That makes me happy =)


50 silver per hour for the Harpies services. :p

(I kid, I kid. :p)