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So it appears that the srb leadership is starting to fall apart more than even I thought before. Their last two attempts at ops have exposed them for what they are - a whole lot of suggesters and no doers.

A few weeks back I was surprised to be greeted with volley after volley of 8+ hour attacks and spells from players I'd never heard of. A few hours later my inbox contained a few pms from the more respectable srb players I know calling bull on a ludicrous op. The source? A small player called Kose who was upset that after he had attacked he got what some might describe as a firm response. His message is in the spoiler but can be surmarised as follows:

Djdom is taking cities from us, he mocks us (read him). We are bigger therefore must beat him. Please spam him with spies, attacks, spells. Then a list of intel in parts comically inaccurate (not included sorry). Now there is nothing specifically wrong with this the only thing about it that bugged me is if you're going to run an op like this own it. Participate (no attacks from kose, no spies and 1 spell in the 2 days this went on). Secondly what did he do more or less as soon as he sent the mm to his ally calling for action? Hit VM and ran for cover why would you follow someone like this who is a coward and wants others to fight their battles for them

Hello all,

Today djdom32 took another city from us. He took 2 cities from us in the last 2 days, and 3 our ghost towns last week.

Now he is laughing as us.he can take cities from us so easy like internal transfer.

Team, we are a 173 members alliance. We can't let a ch****r win the war. So please join this operation.

1. No matter which ocean your are located, Send at least one attack on one of his cities per day or once you are online (if you don't log in everyday). let's keep his incoming icon blinking and his alarm ringing.

2. Cast at least one negative spell on one of his cities per day or once you are online.

3. Spy bomb. 10x1000 spy bomb to one of his cities per day once or you are online.

Most his cities at 44/45 border have no wall.

Please log your attack or cast on the forum.

Happy hunting ;)

This brings me to yesterday when I started to get targeted again. Yet again people I've played with before pm me saying it was bull they won't be participating. This time it was the mighty vazgel - back from vm for 2-3 days didn't send to break my siege on his teamate on the same island because he was too scared of losing his city if he did. See spoiler for the mail. However Vazgel had learnt from Kose best not to stick about for retaliation instead of waiting to initiate vm after he called for the attacks he initiated it waited till it was about to kick in then demands his ally do his dirty work for him. Now leaving out the fact this is wildly ineffective and the justification given for this op is hillarious, who wants a leader who point and shouts then slinks off into the dark to hide? I don't mind come at me spam me but please do at least stick around and take the consequences.

Vazgel today at 16:20
This is a mm to the whole alliance. Every member MUST participate

We have an op against Zdravko Colic organized by Envenom Supports Miknel leaders. There are hundreds of spam and fake attacks together with real ones (CS). Yesterday we asked to stop. It was promissed so we did nothing. Today it started once again!

This is a dirty game envenom play. We have to give a proper answer.

24/7 send spam/fake attacks, spell attacks to these we concider responsible:

lou2697 - co-founder
Vernico - active attacker
djdom32 - active attacker

We also ask ALL our allies to participate in this.

Lets target these cities the most. Also those you have on your own islands.

Targets removed

Don't wait, support your leader, your alliance member!!! This is a dirty game, our enemies started it agains innocent ZC, so you all must give a proper answer.

Best wishes


brilliant read! always interesting to get a perspective of whats happening elsewhere


What's another word for donkey?


well i guess i used a word filtered, so it just removed it :D