Pnp LoO vs Poe! Who will win o.O ?

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thgats right folks LoO turned us red so the guns have been fired and i know i for 1 am 2 hours away from another LoO city t his time form stretch1.

so since i wanted to have some fun i am creating this PnP.

Why the war?
LoO is trying to use there members to snuff out this rebellion and about 1/2 of the LoO in the area have pledged not to attack POE or try to break there conquests so can the remaining LOO do it alone???

they think the answer is YES so they marked us as red and took a city from rainmaker.

Is there reason for this war?
yes POE has been a little thorn in LoO side since WW's were finished and i came back and stated causing trouble again.

Who will win?

I wouldent start this if i did not think POE has the advantage over the remaining LoO but we will find out over the weeks to follow!

Leae your creative colorfull responses in the comment section Below \/\/\/

And remember :pro::pro::pro:(SW)(SW)(SW)(SW)


haha love your random stuff TMZ but you could have made more of an effort on the PNP :p


you know i am to lazy to make pics and it was spur of the moment anyway :p
If you want make a PnP in game mail it to me and ill edit it in :)

BTW score so far

POE - 6
LoO - 1


PoE is owning the non pacted soon to join LoO :)

then we should be getting a few more members after LoO build all 7 wonders and then those who dont join are gone :)