Looking for Justice in O42?


Warning: If you do not plan to give your all to this alliance, then look elsewhere. I hate inactivity and simmers, if you want to sim then go play hello kitty or something like that.

We only take the best and only active members.

Requirements to get into Justice:
-You must be active.
-You must have 1000+ points
-You must use skype
-You must farm
-You must write a well written letter of how long you've played grepolis, your accomplishments here and why we should let you join. I don't want "well let me join", "can I join?" or "Im the best so let me in"

We will not take refugees.

Recruitment: Very Limited

If your seeking an Alliance with us you must have the following:

-You must have active members
-You must match us or be over us in Average points.

Please contact us for info.
Allies: They know who they are.

I have played this game since gamma world started up. I've brought my alliance from last to 5th till my guys split off. It was in that time I learned from the best. Later I joined up with them to fight along side my mentors. I will do my best to help you up your game, if your willing to learn

Contact me in-game if interested.

Molon Labe
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