Lords of Teldrasil


Hello fellow players of the world Lapithos,

I am here to talk about our newly created clan 'Lords of Teldrasil', We don't currently have too many members but the ones we do have are committed and are ready to help the alliance grow. We are based in and around ocean 46, although we do accept people from other oceans. The only requirements are that you stay active and are willing to help support everyone within the alliance, this can be by sending resources or by aiding their war efforts.

The clan is currently made up of 50 members who are friendly, active and supportive. This has made us the clan we are today, and has allowed us to become the 39th biggest alliance with a total of 106,402 points.

Please message one of the following people if you are interested in joining the alliance,

ThomasOBawden (in game)
ThomasOBawden (Forum)
LordMordac (in game)
Lord Mordac (in game)

(all numbers and facts are from the 15th March 2014 and are likely to change)
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