Mass mail freaks


Okay how many of you experienced annoying mass mails ingame from annoying advertisers? Most of them are advertising "play this game" or "hello mate how would you like to earn money?" I'll cut to the point. It's relatively plain and simple. Advertisers ingame suck!

Today I recieved one of the most annoying mass mails from the weirdest player names I have heard in a while.

The following is one of the mass mails:

idococaine2 on 2013-01-27 at 19:22
Do you want some extra cash while you'r sitting in weekends at the computer?This is no trojan or another sick advertising banner that will give you headaiche.This is MarketGlory! With an good strategy,you can make a nice living just with the homeworking job.Prove that you'r the best !

Okay I'd just like to say that I don't do drugs if you paid attention to his player name above. Second of all, there are too many spelling errors giving me headaches (not 'headaiches' as spelled above) already. Also when I logged on to another world he advertised there too. What the :pro:
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It must work for this guy though as LOOK! you have posted his link for us all to see and click on :p

But yes simply report them.